Some hope for the hopeless- Depression & Eating disorder

Depression is a painful disorder in itself and combination of depression along with eating disorder can be worst to deal with. People suffering from depression and eating disorder are quite different from those who just suffer from mood disorder. In case of eating disorder, individual suffering from depression reach the maximum level of self hatred and hopelessness.

People who develop eating disorder normally experience that they have very little control over what is happening in their lives. Depression often is the cause for eating disorder. When cases of eating disorder are dealt, it becomes important to know if major depression exists.

The unique feature of depression in people who also suffer from eating disorder is intense level of self contempt and self hatred. This can be due to major symptoms of depression along with eating disorder that makes them think negative and feel low. The eating disorder can lead to several problems as people around the individual do not accept them with eating disorder. The disapproval in society also aggravates eating disorder.

Like any other individual who is suffering with addictions need your help, similarly people struggling from eating disorder and depression too need your help. You should make the person feel that you are going to support them. Well, to resolve of eating disorder, a person should be treated for symptoms of depression. There are special health cares institutes that can help patients learn how to live and eat normally and give them proper counseling to help them recover from the condition.

Sometimes hopelessness among depression patients can result in suicidal thoughts, death thoughts etc., it is important to be with those who are suffering from depression and eating disorder as their hopelessness is very scary and painful. Their inner torture or misery leads to self hatred. Therapist also find it difficult to help patients overcome the feeling of self hatred and guilty, Defective, etc., they find it difficult to treat such patients as there is so much of hatred in such people about themselves that it becomes very difficult to help them come out of that condition easily.

The most powerful method to treat the depression is to avoid isolation and help patients come out of the isolated world. Helping such patients interact and connect with other people can be quite helpful. Moving out of their world where they feel isolated and connecting themselves to others to feel love, care, compassion and ability to interact and express their feeling to others, which can involve their loved ones, friends, family etc, can be the best method to treat depression. When such patients get love, concern, care and attention makes them feel comfortable and they start thinking positively without feeling low and less important.

Interaction and help from people who are close to the patient can certainly help the patient feel the new world where there is no time to get into self hatred. So we can help such people as they can recover from depression and eating disorder with someone’s help and care.

All you need to know about treatment for Depression

There are chances of you are your closed one being diagnosed with the condition called depression, may be now or in the past. With a lot of changes in lifestyles, work stress depression is becoming a trend. Of course just getting diagnosed for depression is not only the solution to it as if you come to know that you are depressed, you need to find a treatment that works well for you, which is not an easy task. If you are struggling to find out the right treatment for depression, some ideas listed below can certainly help you out.

Accept your disease

Depression is of course a disease like any other illness for example flu, cold etc., If you are pretending that you aren’t suffering from depression, then the condition can get worse over a period of time. The best option is to find the right and effective treatment for depression in order to determine the problem, think with a free mind and banish denial. Once you have accepted and you are open to the treatment the second step towards treatment is management or cure. In case depression is left unnoticed, it can lead to suicide as the depression motivates you to take wrong steps.

Consider all the available options

Conventional treatment includes therapy in combination with antidepressants, though depression treatment consists of different approaches including relevant therapies too. Natural medicines containing herbal remedies also help a lot in treating depression. Similarly change in diet and regular exercises also work well for depression. Well, these might not take over conventional therapy or alternative therapy that you choose should be recommended by the doctor, but these remedies can help you get the desired results. You can do a little research about the treatment methods to know how they work.

Diet, exercise and other natural remedies can be effective and are completely holistic way of treating depression and do not cause any side effects too. Adding alternative therapies to treatments for depression can help you a lot.

Speak up

If you are not speaking about your depression and just keeping it to yourself is indeed not a good idea. You can fight the problem if you share it with others. If you are trying to keep yourself away from those who can support you, is again a part of depression symptom. Isolation leads to depression itself and keeping yourself away from the world can act against depression treatment thus multiplying your problems. Rather than hiding your depression from others, speak to your family, friends or medical practitioners

Another idea of staying away from depression, even if you haven’t told anyone or not taking any treatment is to find a support group says online or in your area. Some lifelines available for depression can also help you treating depression and such lifelines are available almost 24X7.

Good company

There are chances that you feel embarrassed regarding depression and try to hide from closed ones. Remember, you are not the only individual suffering from depression, there are many and only thing you need is to fight it with courage.

Options Available for Depression Treatment

As many other things that takes place in life, depression treatment and how effective would the treatment be solely depends on a particular individual. The best depression treatment in medical industry includes medication and psychological treatment. No matter what the cause is, both medications and psychological treatments aid in relieving the symptoms of depression.

It is always good for a person to work with his/her doctor to find the right treatment to treat depression. In some cases the response to psychological treatments for depression is quite good whereas others respond well to medications. While some individuals need only psychological treatment, there are some who need both medications and psychological treatment.

Common medication used for treating depression is use of anti-depressants. Anti-depressants are type of medications created to help relieve or reduce the depression effects in an individual. The anti-depressants are available in various types and each family, type or class is helpful in its own way to treat depression. Apart from its benefits there are some side-effects associated to each anti-depressant.

Let us look at how anti-depressants aids reduce depression symptoms. The symptoms of depression are

  1. Feeling very sad for no reason
  2. Losing interest in things that you used to enjoy earlier
  3. Sleeping too little or too much
  4. Feelings of worry, guilt or worthlessness
  5. Difficulty in concentrating, making decisions or thinking

In people suffering from depression have certain imbalance of natural chemicals in their brain? So anti-depressants help brain regain its normal chemical balance and in turn reduce symptoms. How long it takes for anti-depressants to work?. We will say again it depends on each individual’s response to the medication.  But research says it can take up to six weeks after taking first dose of medication to show the result.

In some cases the period can also extend to 8 weeks or may result in little delay to see the effect and feel better and maximum benefit can be seen after 6 months.

Anti-depressants work well and even people having major depression problem also start feeling better after they are prescribed anti-depressants.

Psychological treatment

CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) is one of the best psychological treatments for depression. CBT basically is a well structured program determines that the thinking of an individual affects on how they feel. It helps people to think about common difficulties reasonably. It also helps people to change the way they think and how they react to a certain situation.

Basically people start thinking negatively when they are  in depression, the world is scary place, I m a loser, my life isn’t worth anything, I am not important to people around me and I can’t recover from depression etc.,

Negative thinking impacts the recovery and makes the depression worse. It is very important to help an individual replace his/her negative thoughts with positive feelings. CBT works really well for depression by making a person think realistically

If a person is depressed and taking anti-depressants, he/she should be supervised by the doctor so that they can guide them better and monitor their behavioral changes.

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