Dealing with Anxiety and Stress related tension headaches

Do you experience pain in head area just like you have tied a tight band around your head? If this pain occurs when you are under stress, there is a possibility that you are suffering from tension headache. Though we all get headaches occasionally, but sometimes it is more than just a headache and it can also be a symptom of some kind of illness.

Tension headache is quite common types of headache, still many people aren’t aware about what it is and the cause is still unknown. Tension headache emerges from muscle contraction in neck and face area and can be caused due to stress, anxiety or because of strong emotions.

If you are suffering from tension headaches, there is no need to worry as there are a plenty of non-drug treatments available that can help get tension headache relieved. You should take enough rest and maintain healthy habits. Exercise and healthy food can also help a lot.

Most tension headaches occur due to stress or anxiety. It can continue to exist for a short period of 30 minutes or even for a long period such as a week. If your headache occurs repeatedly all the time, it may be because of chronic headache that can last for years.

Stress has been a common problem these days and that why a lot of people complain of tension headaches. The pain caused due to tension headaches from tension headaches can be on sides of head, front top, throbbing and can be on back or neck. Stress is the major cause as when you are under stress, the muscles surrounding the neck, eyes or head get tighter and other problems that are responsible for tension headaches are

Excessive exercise

Poor diet

Sleep issues


Chronic fatigue

Poor posture

Well you cannot avoid daily stress, but can manage to keep stress under control. You can also meditate to keep stress under control. There are many other ways to relieve tension headaches and eliminate stress like going for acupuncture or massage therapy that helps soothing body and soul. Some well known natural therapies like yoga can help you tone muscles. Psychotherapy can teach you how to deal with stress in a better way and this way you can reduce the frequency of tension headaches.

People who suffer from anxiety or are under stress are the ones who get tension headaches more than others do. Painkillers can give you temporary relief but natural therapies can help you fight tension headaches.

Stress, anxiety and depression makes tension headaches even worse by

Reducing relaxation chemicals present in our body like endorphins

Increases muscle tension

Stuffing your body with all stress chemicals like adrenaline

Reducing the tolerance level to strains and stressors

Prevent the pain-killers effects

Women are under stress more than men as they are constantly struggling to get everything right be it their financial problems, parenthood issues, interpersonal or marital problems. Working women are stressed out because of their job commitments.

Treating tension headache naturally without drugs

None of us would like to buy costly medicines each time we experience a headache. Painkillers too do not work well every time and sometimes we aren’t aware of which one to buy. So are there any permanent solutions that can help us get help us get relied in long run from tension headaches?  There are some natural yet effective methods that can help eliminate tension headaches.

Improving blood circulation in neck and head

The pain that you often experience due to tension headaches or any other type of headaches occurs due to poor blood circulation in shoulders and neck. Poor blood circulation can occur as a result of incorrect posture and it can also let headache come repeatedly. Stress or tension can also add to muscle tightening in neck and further results in headaches that continues for hours together.

Solution for stress and tension

Hypnosis can be an alternative way to reduce the stress that exists in your mind. You don’t actually need to look out for a hypnotherapist as there are many self hypnosis solutions found for treating different problems, including stress. You just need to download an mP3 file and play it again for yourself in order to start the entire process. Hypnosis has helped many people to live stress free life and also helped a lot many people who suffer from pains caused due to tension headaches and they feel more relaxed.

Low carbs and fats

If your diet is not up to the mark, then this is the right time to change your diet. Reduce the intake of bread and pasta which are among white carbs. Say no to junk food and especially soda drinks. Drink a plenty of water and cut on caffeine. Eating a lot of fresh fruits and substituting carbs with fresh vegetables can aid improved blood circulation and reduce your blood pressure. A healthy diet can help you face the challenges in day to day life and lead a headache free and stress free life.

Take Vitamins

You experience headaches even when you body doesn’t get essential nutrients like potassium, magnesium and vitamin B. Such deficiencies prevent you from getting sound sleep, which results in tiredness and you get stressed out. Taking herbal medicines rather than taking painkillers would certainly help.

Muscular tension

Head pains also occur due to muscular tightness, which might not be known to you. Tight muscles disturb the flow of blood to the head, resulting in discomfort and pain. The muscular tension that occurs in neck, shoulders and head can be easily relieved with the help of massage machine. There are some machines that help in automatic massage and migraine sufferers like it very much as they get relief in migraine pain due to these machines. You can also read the reviews about automatic massaging machines online to know the details.

There are some herbal teas and herbal medicines available to eradicate tension headache easily. Just be careful about your posture, diet and live a healthy and stress free lifestyle.

Best Five Natural treatments for painful headaches

Headache is quite common though some headaches are severe and some are not so serious, still it hurts so much so that we just want to pop a painkiller and get relief from headache. Of course it’s easy to pop a pill but there are side effects associated with it, which can cause harm. If you want relief from headache, you can switch to natural treatments and avoid harmful side effects caused by painkillers. Here are top five natural treatments for headaches

Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration is the most common cause of headache. Well, we actually sometimes don’t even think of whether the reason of headache is not taking enough fluids, but that can also be a reason. If you are suffering from a headache which is quite dull, drinking few more glasses of water will help.

Essential Oil

Some essential oils comprise of properties that helps reduce pain and provide relaxation. Some of these oils are peppermint and lavender oil. You can try massaging using a few drops of essential oil and another method is to add a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of hot water and breathe the aroma for a couple of minutes.

Ginger Tea / Apple

Drinking ginger tea can be delicious way of getting rid of headache. You can make tea by adding grating fresh ginger( 1 inch) and it helps not only in giving you relief from headache but also will help getting rid of common cold. Apple- We all have heard about this from our grandmother. An apple is a useful remedy since ages. Many theories are available that help us know how the apple is effective. Some theories say it helps balance the acidic and alkaline levels in your body.

Focused Relaxation

Stress is the major cause for headaches. There are different techniques available for focused relaxation that can actually help. It also includes concentrating your attention on each part of your body, individually, first tensing that particular body part and focusing on relaxing that particular part completely. Initially the technique can be bit difficult but once you master the technique it can help you get rid of stress.

Mouth Guard

Some of us have the habit of grinding teeth when sleeping, particularly when we are stressed out in our life. We might not realize and grinding teeth happens unknowingly and headache is the sign that occurs during the day as a result of grinding teeth during night. If you get up in the morning and come to know you are tensing or grinding your jaws, then this is the cause of your headache. You can get rid of the habit of grinding teeth by wearing mouth guard, when you are sleeping as this can help prevent the damage caused to your teeth, and will  help prevent the headache caused due to teeth grinding.

The above natural treatments can help you a lot if considered and you can save your body from unwanted side effects caused due to popping a painkiller.

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