A good Diet for Osteoarthritis can help

A good diet for osteoarthritis is the one that comprise of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This diet is diet that is anti-inflammatory and aids elimination of osteoarthritis symptoms. It is a chronic condition that damages the joints in our body and cause cartilage deterioration. People having osteoarthritis suffer from joint stiffness as well as intermittent pain.

Inflammation occurs everywhere around your joints along with cartilage break down. Doctors often prescribe anti-inflammatory drug to reduce the osteoarthritis effects and these drugs come with side effects too. Thus many people are looking for a natural way to fight the condition.

Eating fruits and vegetables including whole grains is the ideal way to keep inflammation away. You should also include proteins in diet for osteoarthritis so that restore the proteins that you are now losing when it comes to osteoarthritis. The cartilage consists of proteins which get depleted when you suffer from osteoarthritis.

A diet which consist of healthy foods and essential vitamins like vitamin A and D both together help prevent inflammation that can prevent osteoarthritis. Also it will help you fight osteoarthritis effects and a nutritional diet helps you maintain body weight as well. It is very important to maintain a healthy weight as people suffering from osteoarthritis experience joint condition because they carry excessive body weight. This is also applicable for people who suffer from knee and back osteoarthritis and losing weight is an important step towards eradicating the pain that occurs because of this condition.

In addition to switching to a healthy osteoarthritis diet which helps reduce inflammation, you can also include a natural supplement that gives you minerals and vitamins that your body may be lacking. Age is the primary factor that leads to osteoarthritis. We cannot stop the aging process but can restore vitamins and minerals that are important for a healthy body and which our body lacks in due to old age.

By using a natural supplement, we can provide our body with nutrients that our body needs to fight osteoarthritis. It is better to start eating a healthy diet and take natural supplements early to avoid painful condition and lead a healthier life.

By taking right diet for osteoarthritis you are helping yourself from preventing your body face unwanted effects of osteoarthritis and thus maintaining a healthy body. Omega-3 fatty acids are also helpful in reducing stiffness in joints, inflammation, and pain and improve the grip strength and improve mobility of joints in patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

You can also take supplements of omega-3 fatty acids hinder the function of enzymes that are responsible for destroying cartilage. Supplements of fish oil are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Regular exercise and physical activity that is light in nature, maintaining balanced weight, healthy diet and enough rest can help in alleviating the osteoarthritis symptoms

Diet is important as you get essential mineral, vitamins and proteins, which your body needs and depletion of which has caused osteoarthritis. Try to incorporate a healthy diet in your daily routine for best results.

Known causes and symptoms of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a joint disorder wherein the protective cartilage that covers the bone ends loses its normal functioning. It is quite common in joints that bear weight of our body like spinal joints, knees and hips. It can also affect the neck, toes and finger joints. It begins at the age between 40-50 years though it can also happen if there is some other joint condition like septic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

It is common in women than men. The exact reason for osteoarthritis is still unknown, but it is believed that osteoarthritis is related to age. The process of aging puts strain and stress on your joint cartilage which results in erosion and inflammation. Gradually the cartilage wears off; there occurs stretching of tendons and ligaments surrounding the cartilage resulting in stiffness and pain of joints that are affected.

Another cause for osteoarthritis is obesity and age. Obesity leads to increase in pressure on your aging joints and other factors like excessive stress on your joints, joint injury and genetics problems in cartilage. Gout and diabetes are some medical conditions that cause osteoarthritis.

Over use of joints like for some people who have jobs that require constant movement develop osteoarthritis. Some people having joints that don’t fit or move  together correctly for example dislocated hips, double jointedness or bowlegs etc.,


The basic symptom of osteoarthritis is increase in stiffness and pain in joints. In early stages of osteoarthritis, stretching or walking can help relieve stiffness and pain to certain extent, but in advanced stages walking may lead increased pain. There can be swelling in joints because of fluid collection and effusion. The bones can get rubbed with each other leading to a crackling sound that also leads to severe pain.

When osteoarthritis causes problems in finger joints, enlargements which are hard and bony are formed, thought the nodes aren’t painful they can restrict your joint movements.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis are quite unpleasant and the patient goes through a tough time. If left untreated it also restricts the ability to move and condition can become even worse. Some people say that they experience severe pain during the second half of the day.

You can also feel tenderness and swelling in joints. The parts where the symptoms of osteoarthritis appear are


It can lead to stiffness, pain and disability. With osteoarthritis in your hips you can also experience pain in knees, inner thighs or groin. It can also cause difficulty in walking, bending or moving.


You can face stiffness and pain in lower back or neck if you have osteoarthritis in spine. Sometimes changes that occur in spine due to arthritis can also build up pressure on your nerves resulting in numbness, weakness in your legs and arms.

Basically osteoarthritis problem occurs because of several reasons and if it is due to obesity you can certainly try losing weight to reduce the pressure of your body weight on your knees. It can help you get rid of osteoarthritis.

Be Aware of treatment options for Osteoarthritis

Well, treatment for the problem Osteoarthritis cannot cure the problem. Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis. The condition affects spine, knee, hips, legs, fingers and hands. Osteoarthritis results due to broken cartilage around your joints and when the bone in the joint gets exposed it becomes inflamed and swollen. In some cases the cartilage completely disappears and when this takes place bone protrusions are prone to occur. This looks like lumps.

Some of Osteoarthritis symptoms are

  • Movement difficulties
  • Joint pains and aches
  • The affected area has inflammation around it
  • Mild – extreme stiffness which occurs after prolonged rest
  • Disturb sleeping patterns and problems with mobility during night

Treatments available for Osteoarthritis are effective only to treat the symptoms of the problem and no cure for Osteoarthritis has still been discovered. The treatments to treat this condition will target inflammation and pain. Those who do not want to go for medications can also try natural treatments that are available to treat Osteoarthritis. Natural treatments are effective and it completely depends on what you want to opt for.

Some Treatments available for Osteoarthritis are

Vigorous massage

Codeine which pain relief medication

Paracetemol relieves mild pain

Medicines  which are anti-inflammatory

Complimentary therapy or physiotherapy

Vitamin supplements

Splint to act as supportive equipment

Any treatment can yield side effects and if you notice anything unusual, let your doctor know about it. Sometimes using painkillers for a long time can lead other problems to occur.

Some foods also help with Osteoarthritis symptoms and they are

Root ginger



Cayenne pepper

You can include the above mentioned ingredients in various meals. Also you can prepare a homemade cream with the help of these ingredients. You can eat as well as apply the cream on the areas affected.

The Osteoarthritis basic treatments simply target the problem areas in an individual, in case you are suffering from more pain than more stiffness, it is recommended that you try a painkiller. If you are suffering from extreme stiffness, then you might need physiotherapy. The needs of every individual differ and so do the treatment, but in any case if you see visible changes in symptoms, ask for medical help.

If you are suffering from Osteoarthritis and you are obese or overweight, try and lose some the extra weight as extra weight can also affect overall health of a person as well as the mobility. If you can exercise half an hour on a daily basis, you will notice less stiffness.

A healthy diet is equally important. Taking healthy diet can make you healthy from within. The vitamins can help promote strength and strong bones. People do not consider diet as main factor which is why they do not understand as how a healthy diet can contribute to overall health. The treatments available for Osteoarthritis can be effective for everyone and if it doesn’t work for you, your doctor is the right person to guide you.

Positive approach towards the treatment and strong will power can help you a lot.

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