A Nutritional Diet to eliminate Lupus

Digestion and Lupus

When dealing with a disease like lupus which is an inflammatory disease, it is very important to adopt the ideal way of defending that is through nutrients present in food in order to promote the ability of your body to prevent flares and enhance healing. Although doctors believe that lupus is not curable, that is not the case. There are people who say that they get to cure their lupus including others and many of them healed from lupus in different ways among which one is healing through lupus diet.

With many degenerative and auto immune problems, lupus can make settlement with digestive tract, to make sure that the nutrients you are taking from foods are absorbed. It is important to trace out if you are sensitive to certain foods or develop allergies from certain foods as this will determine the capability of your body to digest food and how the body reacts to certain foods and how is the feeling.

Although the best diet for lupus isn’t publicized, but the common best diet which is applicable for everyone wherein you can get nutrition from fresh vegetables, fruits and whole foods and also avoiding refined, fatty and processed foods that are available in plenty in food stores. The reason for this simple diet being so helpful is because it is anti-inflammatory by nature. So the simple diet is lupus diet that is food prepared using fresh and natural foods excluding processed and fast foods and flour, salt, sugar and carbohydrates as well.

Lupus patients need to be careful before eating nightshade vegetables like eggplants, pepper, potatoes, tomatoes and pepper including alfalfa which is responsible in triggering flares.  Well, each person has its own dietary needs to reacting in different way to different foods also differ in each one of us.

No fatty foods

Fatty foods are inflammatory. So they should be completely avoided, at least when you are undergoing healing process and targeting recovery from lupus. It is much better to allow your body heal and regain normal functioning of your immune system and then gradually incorporate your favorite snacks back.

Apart from being inflammatory, fatty foods also cause thick blood which results in low supply of your body’s oxygen to different tissues and cells present in your body. This can also cause tissue damage, which promotes auto-antibodies and hinders the energy levels in your body. Chronic fatigue is a common issue seen in patients suffering with lupus so be alert when choosing your diet.

Lupus- Nutritional healing

A whole food, low fat food and plant based natural diet is the right diet for patients suffering with lupus or any other disease related to inflammation. It will decrease pain, reduce strain especially on kidneys, spleen and any other organ. It will also help regulate blood pressure, cholesterol levels and decrease heart attack risk. An added advantage of this diet is it promotes weight loss, which most lupus patients experience even as a side effect of steroid.

Risk and complications associated with pregnancy and lupus

Doctors used to advice not to conceive to women with lupus because of risks associated to both mother and baby. But with the set of risks associated with lupus and pregnancy, there are women who conceive and give birth to healthy babies in spite of having lupus.

If you are having lupus and planning to get pregnant, here are some risks as well as complications that are associated with lupus that you need to be aware of and this will help you and your doctor to ensure good health of your baby and you.

Pregnancy preparation

In order to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, you need to start before you conceive. If you are planning to get pregnant here are some points important for you

Make sure lupus is in control

For having a healthy baby you need to be healthy throughout your pregnancy. Pregnancy puts extra stress on your kidneys. If you are having kidney disease it can lead to problems during pregnancy and can even cause miscarriage. So it is better not to conceive till the time your lupus is under control for minimum six months. That is absolutely true for kidney disease which is associated with lupus.

Check Medication with your physician

Certain medications are quite safe to use during your pregnancy, while some others can be harmful for the baby. You doctor will need to switch or stop certain medications before your conceive. Some drugs also need to be completely stopped months prior to getting pregnant.

Select a professional obstetrician in case of pregnancies with high risk

Because of some risks associated with lupus like pregnancy generated hypertension or preterm birth- you will need a professional obstetrician who has handled pregnancies with high risk and is in a hospital that is well-equipped and specialized in carrying out deliveries with high risk. Make sure you consult an obstetrician before you plan to get pregnant.


Some women talk about improvement of symptoms of lupus during the pregnancy. But in 30% of women the flares occur during their pregnancy. Phases of increased activity of disease occur quite often after the initial months of delivery. Research says that waiting for six months at least for the disease to get controlled can cut the flare risk during your pregnancy. Most flares are mild when they occur and doctors treat them using low corticosteroid doses.


One cases out of five pregnancy cases related to lupus result in miscarriage. Miscarriage are common in women having high blood pressure, kidney disease (active) and active lupus. Miscarriage can also be due to antiphospholipid antibodies.

Pre-term delivery

One woman out of three with lupus pregnancy delivers preterm, which means delivering baby before 37 weeks of their pregnancy.  This is common with women suffering from active lupus, preeclampsia, and antiphospholipid. It is better to be aware of pre mature labor systems and they are

Pelvic pressure


Abdominal cramps

Clear fluid or blood from vagina

Contraction occurs after every ten minutes or say more

Consult your doctor immediately if the above symptoms persist.

Lupus treatment that even your doctor might not be aware about

Lupus can be a serious illness that can restrict any person who was healthy in past to beds or homes. There is no cure still found for lupus and even the causes aren’t understood properly. Lupus occurs when your immune system attacks the healthy tissues, which leads to swollen and painful joints, skin inflammation and rashes, unexplained fever cardiovascular problems, kidney problems and severe exhaustion.

The condition becomes worse and to control it drugs and steroids are used, but many doctors hesitate to prescribe such medications as patients don’t agree on taking these medication because of its severe side effects and are makes the disease worse.

Still there are options and in case the doctor may hesitate to prescribe medications or aren’t aware of the options as they aren’t so common and not got approval from medical community yet. The results of adopting these options are amazing though the medical community isn’t accepting the fact. Well the groundbreaking discovery is that Omega-3 (fish oil) is a great weapon to fight cardiovascular disease and also used to treat inflammatory diseases along with lupus.

Above all, omega 3 doesn’t lead to any side effects. You can also take them in order to prevent complications related to lupus, even if you aren’t suffering from this disorder. Some experts also say that people who take omega 3 on regular basis develop thousand times anti-inflammatory power of the drug aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicines and most pain relievers.

Omega 3 (fish oil) can be found from a diet rich in fatty fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel etc., it is easy to consume the Omega 3 in supplement form that are easily available as eating fish in large quantities can lead to building of toxins and heavy metals in your system. Also you might feel the odor of fish or taste of fish on your tongue, even when you aren’t eating them.

You can buy omega 3 supplements like Salmon oil, which are specifically designed to avoid unhealthy side effects. Apart from this you need to sleep well, eat right and avoid the factors that contribute to lupus like eating alfalfa, stress etc., instead of opting for expensive treatments for lupus you can switch to natural treatments so that you don’t have to bear the side effects of medications and chemical drugs.

Natural treatments help reverse the symptoms and signs of lupus. Also natural treatments are safe for treating children suffering from lupus. Another method which can help treat lupus naturally is engaging in lupus diet which is designed naturally keeping in mind the foods that are good for improving autoimmune diseases. The foods included in lupus diet helps improve your immune system and once you have healthy immune system, it helps fighting the diseases easily.

Balanced diet and regular exercise is must for any disease to disappear and people always ignore this fact. Even expensive medicines won’t work if you don’t eat a healthy diet or follow an exercise regime.

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