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Tips and Facts about Abdominal Pain in Women during Pregnancy

Most women during their pregnancy experience abdominal pain, which is absolutely normal, especially during the starting months of pregnancy. These pains in abdomen are sometimes mistaken for cramps that occur from menstruation. However in some cases abdominal pain during your pregnancy indicates dangerous health related problems as well.

breasting feeding mom
breasting feeding mom

Abdominal pregnancy in women when they are pregnant might also indicate towards having ectopic pregnancy, which otherwise is life threatening for both mother and baby. This condition needs medical attention and treatment should be given immediately. Some warning signs are as follows

Serious, sharp pains that continue for a long time

Pain exists in other areas including abdominal pain

Vaginal bleeding

If your pregnancy is Ectopic, it means the egg has positioned (implanted) itself in wrong place like in fallopian tubes instead of uterus. As the egg grows and expands over a period of time, our entire body is in danger.

If you notice that the symptoms of abdominal pain are not similar to just normal abdominal pain that most women suffer during pregnancy, look out for medical attention immediately to avoid further complications.

Abdominal pain experienced during pregnancy sometimes also indicates chances of having a miscarriage. A sign of miscarriage shows vaginal bleeding with cramping. The cramps can be seen for long hours or several days.

Also if you think there are other symptoms that you notice along with abdominal pain, immediately consult your doctor.

During second trimester of pregnancy the uterus starts expanding. The ligaments and muscle expansion occurs to support the uterus when baby is growing.  During expansion, sometimes a mild ache occurs across the abdomen. Some women also face sharp pain on either side of abdomen, which normally happens when you rise from sitting position.

If you face pregnant cramp while you are in your third trimester, then it is because of a condition known as Braxton-Hicks (contractions).  This condition is accompanied by false labor, which is not regular and sometimes painless tightening of the uterus. You should visit the hospital if it comes back again as regular cramping, which is often followed by vaginal discharges or may be if your water breaks which could be actual labor pain this time.

If you observe that the menstrual cramps are quite strong and prolonged and without reducing, make sure you seek medical help immediately as this indicates that there can be a serious problem linked with your abdominal pain. Sometimes you often notice vaginal bleeding and feel fainting spells.

Preterm labor is a common cause of cramps during pregnancy. The signs noticed are pelvic pressure, vaginal discharge, regular contractions and clamps that seem to be like periods before 37th week of your pregnancy. If you observe these signs speak to your doctor.

During pregnancy, take ample amount of rest and relaxing helps reduce pregnancy cramps. You need to take care of yourself as someone else is growing inside you and you just can’t take risk because of not taking proper rest or diet.

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