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Is Tramadol Recommended during Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?

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Despite the fact that Tramadol is one of the strong analgesics having lower risk of physical and psychological dependence, there is still a concern of its use in pregnant women. Let us understand whether Tramadol is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Tramadol and Pregnancy

Pregnancy basically is a state of hormonal imbalances, which give birth to various symptoms like pain which can range from mild to severe pain. Most women experience migraine, headaches, backache, lower pelvic pain, and pain in lower limbs due to weight gain during pregnancy that builds up pressure on ligaments, muscles resulting in pain and edema.

Painkillers or Analgesics should be avoided during pregnancy as most painkillers can have impact on blood supplied to the baby by restricting the ability of umbilical vessels. The concern is rather huge when it comes to NSAIDs as NSAIDs constrict the main blood vessels. It can affect the supply of nutrition to the baby.

As per FDA Tramadol is not safe to be taken during pregnancy as it is categorized as a Class 3 drug.  Not enough evidences are available to weigh the level of side effects. In case the delivery date is nearing, Tramadol is not recommended as it can result in respiratory depression and foetus subsides.

Complications in Pregnancy due to Tramadol consumption

There are chances of building serious withdrawal symptoms, if mothers use tramadol for a prolonged period during pregnancy. The withdrawal symptoms occur within 24 to 48 hours of birth followed by trembling, wretched cry and respiratory changes.

To avoid complications in pregnancy avoid using Tramadol and if other medications aren’t effective to treat pain, try to use tramadol in smaller dosage as Tramadol intersects the placenta. Make sure the dosage doesn’t exceed 50-100mg per day.

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breasting feeding mom
breasting feeding mom

Tramadol and Breastfeeding

Most health care providers recommend use of painkillers to mothers after birth of their child to treat pain in case muscular pain occurs after delivery, caesarean section, and episiotomy. Tramadol is preferred by many people because of its strong analgesic effect. But like any other drugs, Tramadol too gets transferred in breast milk and some quantity enters baby’s body if it is used by nursing mothers for a long period.

There are unwanted side effects seen in babies like drug dependency, toxicity, immature hepatic or renal system, which is not strong enough to flush out drug metabolites out of the body and it results in accumulation of drugs in the body.

Babies tend to get withdrawal symptoms once the mother stops using tramadol suddenly. Babies tend to develop drug dependency faster than adults. Mothers should avoid using Tramadol during breast feeding or take low doses when required instead of taking high doses or taking it for a long period.

Monitor your baby for any health ailments and if you notice any unusual symptoms contact your paediatrician immediately. You should not take Tramadol on a regular basis and try to use some other alternative medicines for pain relief. This way you can avoid the risks associated with Tramadol during breastfeeding.

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