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Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Baxter Healthcare Corporation is an American health care company that focuses on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of medical products and pharmaceuticals. Here are some key points about Baxter Healthcare Corporation:

  1. Medical Products: Baxter produces a wide range of medical products, including intravenous (IV) solutions, infusion systems, parenteral nutrition, anesthesia, and various other medical devices used in hospitals and clinical settings.
  2. Renal Care: Baxter is a significant player in the renal care field, providing products and therapies for the treatment of kidney diseases. This includes hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and other renal support therapies.
  3. Pharmaceuticals: Baxter is involved in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, including generic injectable drugs and specialty pharmaceuticals.
  4. Biotechnology: The company is engaged in the development and production of biotechnology products, including recombinant and plasma-derived proteins used in critical care therapies.
  5. Global Presence: Baxter operates globally, serving healthcare professionals and patients in various countries. The company has a broad international reach with a presence in multiple regions.

Our global product portfolio enables healthcare professionals to be more efficient and effective in treating patients at the hospital bedside, in the operating theater, in critical care units, at home and in the dialysis clinic. We are working alongside our partners to find new and smarter ways to improve patient outcomes, prevent complications before they become life-threatening and increase access to care, while reducing total costs.

Baxter International Inc. is an American multinational healthcare company with headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois.

The company primarily focuses on products to treat kidney disease, and other chronic and acute medical conditions. The company had 2017 sales of $10.6 billion, across two businesses: BioScience and Medical Products. Baxter’s BioScience business produces recombinant and blood plasma proteins to treat hemophilia and other bleeding disorders; plasma-based therapies to treat immune deficiencies and other chronic and acute blood-related conditions; products for regenerative medicine, and vaccines. Baxter’s Medical Products business produces intravenous products and other products used in the delivery of fluids and drugs to patients; inhalational anaesthetics; contract manufacturing services; and products to treat end-stage kidney disease, or irreversible kidney failure, including products for peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis

Featured Global Products

Bardy Diagnostics

Developed by an electrophysiologist, the Bardy CAM Patch is a long-term ECG monitor that has been clinically proven to find arrhythmias. It is engineered to optimize p-wave signal capture, which enables it to differentiate between different types of atrial, as well as ventricular, arrhythmias. Its simple design allows for ease of application and its clinical portal helps streamline clinician workflow.

Floseal Hemostatic Matrix for Surgical Care

Floseal is an adjunct hemostatic agent proven effective in a wide-range of bleeding scenarios with a proprietary combination of two independent hemostatic agents.

Hillrom Monarch Airway Clearance System

The Monarch Airway Clearance System provides mobile High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) therapy to help thin and mobilize secretions from the airways. Its revolutionary technology combines mobility with targeted kinetic energy and airflow to thin and mobilize secretions.

Numeta for Nutritional Care

Numeta G13E 300 mL is the only triple-chamber, ready-to-use parenteral (intravenous) nutrition (PN) product available to treat preterm infants (less than 37 weeks gestation age) who are at high risk for infection and malnutrition in the early hours and days of their lives.

Hillrom Progressa Smart+ Bed for Hospital Care

The critical care environment becomes more demanding and complex each year. The Progressa Smart+ Bed system was designed to meet hospitals’ evolving needs – with innovations targeted at helping to accelerate patient recovery. More than just a bed – the Progressa bed system is a therapeutic device that acts as a seamless extension of healthcare teams.

Prismax for Hospital Care

The PrisMax System is designed to provide individualized care for critically ill patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) through the delivery of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) and other organ support therapies.

The PrisMax System is available in select countries globally.

Sharesource Remote Patient Management for Kidney Care

Sharesource remote patient management platform is a two-way, digital health solution that enables healthcare professionals to stay connected with their home dialysis patients.

Hillrom Volara for Hospital Care

The Volara System for Oscillation & Lung Expansion Therapy combines three key OLE therapies in a single, versatile device. In just minutes, healthcare professionals can provide therapy designed to expand airways, mobilize and treat secretions to help acute care patients breathe easier.



One Baxter Way
Westlake Village CA 91362


Product Approval Dates
07‐FEB‐2000 Fibrin Sealant (Tisseel)
07‐FEB‐2000 Fraction II (For Further Manufacturing Use)
10‐SEP‐1996 RSV High Titer Fraction II+III Paste (For Further Manufacturing Use)
14‐AUG‐2013 Thrombin (Recombinant) (For Further Manufacturing Use)
17‐JAN‐2008 Thrombin topical (Recombinant)
19‐MAR‐2008 Fibrin Sealant (Human)
31‐MAR‐1995 CMV High Titer Fraction II+III Paste (For Further Manufacturing Use)

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