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Major Pharmaceuticals

Major Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a pharmaceutical company involved in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of generic prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. The company operates under the umbrella of Rugby Laboratories and focuses on providing a wide range of affordable and accessible medication options across various therapeutic categories.

Major® Pharmaceuticals and Rugby® Laboratories “Major Rugby” is one of the largest, multi-source suppliers of generic Rx and OTC products including vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Our robust portfolio includes over 1,000 SKUs, 50 therapeutic categories across a variety of dosage forms and packaging options.

We are a leader in unit dose packaging in the hospital market and have an extensive line of CMS registered products to fulfill Medicaid prescriptions and Medicare Advantage programs in the retail & independent pharmacy market. We have also been a lead supplier to the Federal Government for nearly two decades.

60 years strong, the Major and Rugby brands combined play a significant role in reducing the cost of medication and ensuring quality care through rigorous adherence to regulatory standards and a commitment to delivering on the needs of our customers.

Major Pharmaceuticals
Major Pharmaceuticals

Key Aspects of Major Pharmaceuticals:

  1. Product Range:
    • Major Pharmaceuticals offers a diverse portfolio of generic drugs including oral solids, liquids, ophthalmic solutions, dermatological products, and more​ (​.
  2. Market Presence:
    • The company serves a broad market by distributing its products to pharmacies, healthcare facilities, and other medical providers, aiming to deliver cost-effective alternatives to brand-name medications.
  3. Quality and Compliance:
    • Major Pharmaceuticals emphasizes quality and compliance, ensuring that its products meet stringent regulatory standards set by authorities like the FDA. This focus helps maintain the safety and efficacy of their medications.
  4. Corporate Information:
    • Major Pharmaceuticals is based in Livonia, Michigan, and operates as part of the larger structure of Rugby Laboratories. The company is active in the healthcare market, providing essential medications that support public health needs​ ​.

Major Pharmaceuticals
31778 Enterprise Drive
Livonia MI 48150
Phone: (734) 743-6161


Major Pharmaceuticals Products List

Major Pharmaceuticals manufactures, markets and/or distributes more than 94 drugs in the United States.

Medications listed here may also be marketed under different names in different countries. The listing page need loading time, if you need it, Please check following page:


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