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How Long to Take Other Medications After Taking Fioricet ?

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After taking Fioricet, wait at least 4 hours before taking anything else that contains caffeine or acetaminophen so you don’t overdose on these ingredients. This includes Excedrin Migraine, Excedrin Extra Strength, Excedrin Tension Headache, and Excedrin PM Headache.

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Butalbital stays in your body for about 35 hours after a single dose of Fioricet. It causes sleepiness, and taking more doses of Fioricet in this time will make the sleepiness worse. Avoid alcohol or other relaxant medications while there is still butalbital in your body.

Medications That Contain Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen is the most commonly used drug ingredient in the United States. It is found in over 600 different medications, including both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. To prevent the risk of acetaminophen overdose, it is crucial to be able to read labels and identify when a medication contains acetaminophen.

In OTC medications, the active ingredients are clearly indicated on the label, and the word “acetaminophen” will be prominently displayed on the front of the package or bottle. Additionally, you can find it listed in the Active Ingredient section of the Drug Facts label.

On prescription labels, acetaminophen may sometimes be abbreviated as “APAP,” “acetam,” or other shortened versions of the word. To ensure you are aware of the contents of your medication, it’s essential to carefully read the list of active ingredients on the label every time you take a medication.

It may come as a surprise to discover how many different medications contain acetaminophen.

Here is the key information about acetaminophen that you should know:

1. Prevalence of Acetaminophen: Acetaminophen is a widely used drug ingredient found in more than 600 different over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription (Rx) medications. These encompass pain relievers, fever reducers, sleep aids, as well as cough, cold, and allergy medicines.

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2. Diverse Medication Range: Acetaminophen can be present in a variety of OTC medications like TYLENOL® and NyQuil®, as well as in prescription drugs such as Vicodin® and Percocet. Given its presence in numerous medications, individuals may inadvertently exceed the recommended dosage.

3. Safe Usage with Set Limits: In general, acetaminophen is safe and effective when taken as instructed. However, it’s essential to underscore that there exists a maximum daily limit for its consumption. Consuming more than the specified amount constitutes an overdose risk and may lead to liver damage.

4. Daily Maximum: According to guidance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), individuals should not exceed 4,000 milligrams (mg) of acetaminophen within a 24-hour period.

5. Seek Clarification: If patients have any uncertainties concerning dosing instructions or are unsure whether a particular medication contains acetaminophen, encourage them to seek clarification and guidance.

It is crucial to ensure that patients are well-informed about acetaminophen’s presence in various medications and the critical importance of adhering to recommended dosages to safeguard their health and well-being.

Common Over-the-Counter Brand Name Medicines Containing Acetaminophen

  • Actifed®
  • Alka-Seltzer Plus LiquidGels®
  • Anacin®
  • Benadryl®
  • Cepacol®
  • Contac®
  • Coricidin®
  • Dayquil®
  • Dimetapp®
  • Dristan®
  • Excedrin®
  • Feverall®
  • Formula 44®
  • Goody’s®
  • Powders Liquiprin®
  • Midol®
  • Nyquil®
  • Panadol®
  • Robitussin®
  • Saint Joseph®
  • Aspirin-Free Singlet®
  • Sinutab®
  • Sudafed®
  • Theraflu®
  • Triaminic®
  • TYLENOL® Brand Products
  • Vanquish®
  • Vicks®
  • Zicam®
  • *And store brands

Common Prescription Medicines Containing Acetaminophen

  • Endocet®
  • Fioricet®
  • Hycotab
  • Hydrocet®
  • Hydrocodone Bitartrate
  • Lortab®
  • Percocet®
  • Phenaphen®
  • Sedapap®
  • Tapanol®
  • Tylenol® with Codeine
  • Tylox®
  • Ultracet®
  • Vicodin®
  • Zydone®
  • *And generic medicines

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