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Effective Medicine for Relieving Headache Pain

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If you are suffering from repetitive migraines or tension headaches, speak to your doctor and ask if Fioricet is suitable treatment for you.

Let us learn about Fioricet. Well Fioricet is a combination drug and a brand name usually used to treat migraines, tension headaches and other pain types though Fioricet isn’t labeled to be used for treating general pain. If you are undergoing a treatment for tension headaches you can consult your doctor and talk to him/her if Fioricet can control your repetitive tension headaches.


What is Fioricet and What it is Used for ?

Fioricet consist of three drugs and they are caffeine, butalbital and acetaminophen

Acetaminophen is a popular and well known pain reliever and is available as an OTP drug. Acetaminophen acts as the active ingredient in many pain relievers including Tylenol. Acetaminophen is also present in many cold and cough products so patients consuming Fioricet need to know the contents present in any medications they are using in order to avoid overdose.

Caffeine is also present in OTP medications and also in beverages and different foods like tea, colas and coffee. In Fioricet the use of caffeine is there to improve the acetaminophen’s effectiveness. If a patient is consuming Fioricet he/she must avoid substances that contain caffeine to prevent caffeine nervousness and overdose.

Butalbital belongs to barbiturate class of medications (drugs). It is used in Fioricet as a muscle relaxer and is a sedative. The main purpose of butalbital is to treat muscle tension that occurs in tension headaches. Butalbital can be addictive; you should take extra care while using Fioricet to avoid addiction or drug dependency. Fioricet should be used as prescribed by your doctor and you should not exceed the dose than the recommended dose.

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With the use of Fioricet you can experience various side effects like anxiety, vomiting, nausea, allergic reaction which very rare, dizziness, tremor, nervousness, drowsiness, breathlessness, abdominal pain etc.,  some of the side effect that can cause due to misuse of the drug or you can say withdrawal should be immediately discussed with the doctor.

Overdose of Fioricet can lead to serious side effects that can be fatal as well. If you think you had overdose of the drug ask for medical help immediately. Well also you need to discuss with the doctor if you want to stop taking Fioricet as the dose of the drug needs to be decreased gradually before actually stop using it completely and your doctor can suggest and change the dosage accordingly.

Mikart Fioricet
Mikart Fioricet

Though Fioricet has its own side effects it proves to be effective medication to control migraines and tension headaches. Many people who used the drug as prescribed often saw good results and reduced side effects.  So if you are suffering from chronic or severe tension headaches, Fioricet is the best medicine to relieve headache pain.

Each and every drug has its positive and negative effects on our body, but when used as prescribed and avoid drug dependency it works well for us. Doctors can help you know the drug better and the recommend the right dose for you.

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