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Health Benefits of drinking Herbal tea

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In past many years, a lot of research has been conducted on how to prevent breast cancer and many other diseases. The research was primarily focused on knowing about green tea, which according to many studies shows that it has properties that can prevent cancer. Recently the result of a research found that herbal teas are also helpful in prevention of breast cancer.

pu-erh Tea
pu-erh Tea

The study was conducted over many women for about six years and it was found that women who consume herbal teas are at lower risk of suffering from breast cancer as compared to those who consumed beverages. Herbal tea isn’t a tea rather they are termed as tisanes and are infusions of single or many herbs. They are prepared using hot water and consumed in form of tea. Herbal teas are useful for many purposes and also treat discomfort naturally.

It is believed that herbal teas are discovered by Chinese. Ancient medicines contain herbs and Chinese fits came up with the idea of using the combination of herbs as a tea and also using their healing properties. Asian countries have been using herbs since ancient times and now it is becoming popular in west too.

If you are on prescription medicine do not forget to discuss with your doctor before you make herbal tea at home in your regular routine. Some herbs are believed to have drug interactions with other medications. Once your doctor says that it is fine to take herbal teas, you can go ahead and include it in your daily routine.

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Green Tea
Green Tea

There are a plenty of herbal teas available in the market and if you want to try some of them, here is list of some herbal teas.

Yerba mate- This tea comes from an herb from South America called yerba mate. It is healthy with loads of vitamins, antioxidants and provides energy

Ginger tea- spicy ginger is used since so many decades to make tea. It is very delicious as well helpful in treating nausea. It is also highly effective in treating morning sickness.

Chamomile – This is traditional type of herbal tea made by using chamomile plant. Chamomile is known to be used since ages to relive the problem of upset stomach and is helpful to induce sleep.

Rooibos- This tea is also called as red tea. This tea has sweet taste of its own and is very delicious. It is also flavored with some other fruits.

Lavender tea – The tea is  made from lavender plant and people are using this tea since past many years to induce sleep. It can also be used to calm your soul. You can also use weak brew of this tea to treat a colicky baby.

Herbal teas can prove to be effective and delicious to add to your daily diet. Herbal teas are useful in treating minor ailments and help in relaxing body and soul. It is always better to adopt  a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise to remain healthy and happy.

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