Rub on Relief – Powerful Natural Pain Reliever Creams

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The moment the first soothing dab of Rub On Relief® cream hits your skin you’ll know it’s different… better.

painreliefrubFirst off, it doesn’t smell.

It’s not greasy. It absorbs with incredible ease. You’ll feel the ten miracle pain-relieving nutrients rushing deep down to your pain points to get rid of your pain fast.

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Rub on Relief is Different…Better!

The 10 ingredients in Rub On Relief®work together to stop any pain you may experience—with NO side effects! No other pain cream can say that!

ror3001. Menthol for Cooling Relief

Menthol is an ancient herbal medicine used by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians to rapidly cool painful flare-ups in your muscles and tendons. It’s why when you use a menthol-containing cream you instantly feel cool relief to aching muscles.

What’s more, menthol actually tricks the body with its cooling touch. Menthol sends a cooling pleasing sensation to your brain that thwarts the stinging heat of inflammation. Menthol then acts fast to increase the blood flow by widening the blood vessels to reduce inflammation and pain.

2. Ignatia Relieves Stress Pain

Ignatia was discovered by a Jesuit missionary serving in the Philippines in the late 1600’s. This homeopath calms nerves and reduces the stress which can lead to tight shoulders, a tight neck and painful tension headaches. It relieves emotional distress, allowing your muscles to relax.

3. Magnesium Sulfate Relaxes Spasms

Perhaps there’s nothing more painful than sudden painful muscle spasms. Well there’s nothing more fast-acting at stopping muscle spasms and twitching than this vital mineral compound. It’s also been shown to reduce aching joint pain by 80%.

4. Lachesis Mutus Relieves Painful Swelling

A rare homeopathic remedy from Central and South America, Lachesis Mutus, has been prescribed for centuries as a blood thinner. This thinning quickly improves blood flow which speeds healing by removing toxins from the blood.

5. Phosphorous Stops Muscle Pain

Phosphorous is the second most abundant mineral in your body. And it relieves the burning sensation of tight, painful muscles by stopping the nerves from sending pain messages to the brain. It’s especially good at helping muscles rebound after a workout.

6. Belladonna Stops Shooting Pains

For centuries, healers have used Belladona as a powerful anesthetic for surgeries. It reduces swelling, eliminates muscle twitches, relieves nerve pain, ends muscle aches and stops shooting pains.

7. Rhus Tox Eases Stiffness

Another ancient natural remedy, Rhus Tox helps to eliminate stiffness and aches in both muscles and joints. It’s good for sprains and back aches too!

8. Naja for Calming Relief

This rare but amazingly potent homeopathic remedy from India quickly calms nerve-based pain and brings fast relief from inflammation. It’s also very effective at curing migraine headaches.

CMO rub_check Relieves Aching Joints
MSM rub_check Blocks Nerve Pain
Menthol rub_check Cools Down Hot Pain
Rhus Tox rub_check Eases Sprains and Backaches
Belladonna rub_check Stops Shooting Pain
Magnesium Sulfate rub_check Relaxes Muscle Spasm
Phosphorous rub_check Soothes Burning Pain
Ignatia rub_check Calms Emotional Pain
Lachesis Mutus rub_check Relieves Painful Swelling
Naja rub_check Stills Nerve-based Pain

Remember, Rub On Relief® contains only natural healing ingredients and contains no chemicals, preservatives or junk that can be toxic to your body. There are NO side effects. NO stomach upset. NO adverse reactions.

It is so safe you can use it on your children or grandchildren age 12 and up. And because Rub On Relief® is a topical cream, you’re not swallowing pills that first have to pass through your stomach, kidneys and liver to get to your pain. Instead, you’re applying a soothing cream directly to any painful area on your body. The pain-relieving ingredients quickly pass through all 7 layers of skin to bring sweet relief in moments.


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Treating Restless Legs Syndrome without drugs

Those who feel shy admitting that it become difficult to stop shaking legs can now take it easy as there is an effective treatment available to treat Restless Legs Syndrome and you don’t need to hide the problem in front of others and feel shy anymore. It is natural that people suffering from RLS feel shy about their condition as they feel the symptoms are abnormal and unusual too. Well, RLS now is very common and there is nothing to feel embarrassed about it as there is treatment to get rid of this problem.

Restless Legs Syndrome can attack anytime. It comes with unbearable pain in the leg and can also spread to different body parts like torso and arms. You can sometimes find the remedies to relieve pain at home itself. Some of the common treatments available at home are

Diet Change

Most people often ignore the most simple solutions. The most effective and successful treatment for Restless Legs Syndrome is making changes in your diet. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as these two trigger Restless Legs Syndrome. Secondly incorporate vegetables and fruits in the diet. Foods rich in iron and folic acid are helpful for people suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome.

Minerals and Vitamins

Taking supplements of minerals and vitamins can be quite helpful in relieving the uneasiness caused due to Restless Legs Syndrome. The most effective vitamin that works great for RLS sufferers is folic acid. Taking supplements of iron can also aid from RLS discomfort as most cases of RLS arise because of anemia. Before taking iron supplements make sure you the level of iron in your body as higher dose of iron can also be harmful.

Folate is another type of B vitamins, which you can get easily in dark green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, asparagus etc., you can also get folate in cereals, wheat products, liver, beans, sunflower seeds, eggs etc.,  the easiest method to take vitamins in water soluble form is to have kale juice on a daily basis.


Promoting flow of blood to the legs can easily prevent the symptoms of RLS and relieve the symptoms of RLS. The best way to promote blood flow is to massage your legs. Massaging your calves regulates the blood flow in your legs and helps controlling the symptoms. Exercise can be helpful too, but before engaging in any type of workout make sure you are not doing it in excess.

Apart from the above mentioned natural treatments you can also try wrapping the legs using ace bandages in case you can keep your leg still for some time. If you are in office sitting for longs hours, try to stand up in between by taking short breaks. Inactivity of legs makes the RLS worse. You can also take bath or shower to relax.

If you still face problems, speak to your doctor. RLS can be genetic, due to iron deficiency; still you can reduce the symptoms by trying the above natural treatments.

Natural cures to treat Restless Leg Syndrome

Looking for natural cures to treat restless leg syndrome can be a daunting task, and people suffering from this condition really find it difficult to move their legs because of burning, tingling and itching sensation. Some people find annoying symptoms during the day and the symptoms become agonizing during the night. The reason for the agonizing pain during the night is because when you try to relax while going to sleep, the pain gets intense. This further causes cycles of fatigue which can be aggravating which often leads to restlessness during the sleep, disrupted sleep and exhaustion due to lack of sleep and pain.

While we talk about the causes of restless leg syndrome, there are also natural remedies that help in giving relief from restless leg syndrome symptoms. The basic advantage of natural remedies is that they do not leave side effects like how prescription drugs create.

One natural remedy that can be helpful is warm therapy or cool therapy through heating pads, hot baths or cool showers and cool compresses. Change in your diet can certainly show positive results in treating restless leg syndrome. You need to avoid caffeine and alcohol as many people noticed that these two things often make the condition worse. Caffeine is present in many foods and also soft drinks like coffee. Tea, energy drinks and chocolate. Researchers also suggest not eating a large meal during the day. There is a connection between the process of digesting food in large amounts and increased restless leg syndrome symptoms.

Researchers also found another reason for restless leg syndrome symptoms and that is deficiency of iron. You should consume green leafy vegetables that are rich in iron or take iron supplements. You can take green vegetable as whole or make juices as you wish. When it comes to iron supplement you need to discuss with your doctor regarding the correct dose as over dose can also cause unpleasant side effects.

Another factor that leads to restless leg syndrome is obesity. Increase in abdominal fat has direct connection with risk that leads to restless leg syndrome. So one should exercise and diet to keep your weight balanced and balanced weight can also help in curing restless leg syndrome.

Exercise itself is a therapy for people suffering from restless leg syndrome and studies say that people doing moderate walk for at least 30 minutes showed a lot of improvement in reducing the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.   This also means you can do moderate exercises in first half of the day. Yoga is also helpful and even massaging lower back or legs before going to bed proves to be helpful for many people.

Also another important thing that you can do to manage restless leg syndrome is to change the seating habits while working and travelling. For example if you use a high stool for sitting that helps your legs dangle or sitting in an airplane on aisle seat that helps stretching your legs can both be helpful to relieve pressure on your legs.

Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome that actually work

Restless Legs Syndrome goes bad to worst and the reason for this is the restless leg and the pain is something that individual going through it can only experience and two different sufferers of this syndrome still do not share common experience. Because of this reason, it is difficult to say why the cure that worked for one person doesn’t show the same effect for another person or in some cases might worsen the symptoms for another patient.

Following are sensible but often overlooked steps that you can adopt to stop the increased pain in your leg and stop the feeling keep you awake whole night for many such nights.

Firstly you need to take it easy and consult your doctor. You doctor would be knowledgeable regarding the remedies to treat Restless Legs Syndrome. Your doctor will also be in a position to tell you whether there are any issues that are adding to restless leg or there aren’t any. For example many medications lead to restless leg. The doctor can also advise you on which other necessary tests you need to perform and where do you need to go to get it done.

Also among the first steps you can ask your doctor to perform your blood test to check the ferritin level to find out if you have iron deficiency. Many studies have stated that restless leg is connected to iron deficiency. In simple words sometimes taking an iron supplement can alone help in stopping the feelings like crawling, burning or itching. Also the blood test done to detect if there is iron deficiency is because even taking iron in large quantity can also lead to complications.

Vitamin B9 is important in maintaining healthy nerves and producing healthy nerves including RBC (red blood cells). It is also helpful for women who are planning to conceive. Vitamin B12 is also very important and its deficiency can cause restless leg syndrome. Make sure you take the right amount as prescribed. Iron or vitamin deficiencies can be cured easily with the help of supplements and restless leg syndrome can be cured helping you lead a trouble free life.

Eating a nutritious and healthy diet including rich sources of vitamins, mineral and nutrients can help your body stay healthy and balanced. Green vegetables like Brussels, broccoli, mustard greens, spinach, and sprouts are rich sources of iron. Poultry, eggs, milk; shellfish are rich in Vitamin D 12.  Fruits like pineapple, oranges, and grapefruit are rich in folic acid. Wheat products are also rich in folic acid.

Some exercises can also help you get rid of restless leg syndrome. Well does mean doing it regularly and consistently. Just occasional walk won’t help so look for related exercises and exercise during the day and not during the night or before going to the bed.

Maintaining good sleeping habits help a lot. This also means that you to go sleep the same time everyday and wake up at the same time the next day in the morning.

Neurontin can be used to prevent Migraine, treat Nerve Pain and control the pain of fibromyalgia.

Neurontin is the trade name for the generic drug gabapentin. It is useful as an anti-epileptic drug and as an analgesic, particularly for pain of the neuropathic or neurogenic type. (pain from irritation or inflammation of nerves). When used for controlling epilepsy, it is usually used in conjunction with another anti-epileptic drug. It is used much more extensively in the medical field to treat pain than it is to treat epilepsy.

You can also buy Neurontin to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), alcohol withdrawal, chronic neuropathic pain, cocaine addiction, diabetic peripheral neuropathy,generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), fibromyalgia, menopause, migraine prevention, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social phobia, trigeminal neuralgia.

The chemical structure of gabapentin is related that of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which is a neurotransmitter in the brain. The exact mechanism as to how gabapentin controls epilepsy and relieves pain is unknown, but it probably acts like the neurotransmitter GABA.

Animal studies show that gabapentin prevents the development of allodynia (a normally non painful stimulus which is perceived as painful) and hyperalgesia (an exaggerated response to a painful stimulus).

Gabapentin 800 mg Tab-IVAInternational and domestic studies that have evaluated Neurontin for migraine prevention suggest that it is effective. In a study of 63 patients with migraine (with or without aura), gabapentin significantly reduced migraine frequency and intensity among 30 patients who received it. In this study, adverse events were mild to moderate in severity.

Similarly, in a large study, 143 people with migraine received daily doses of Neurontin or placebo for 12 weeks. At the end of 12 weeks, the migraine rate had declined from 4.2 migraines before treatment to 2.7 migraines after treatment in those who received this drug. This decrease was significantly greater than the decrease from 4.1 migraines to 3.5 migraines among those who received placebo. Of the 56 gabapentin recipients, 46% had at least a 50% reduction in the four-week migraine rate. Drug-related adverse events (sleepiness and dizziness) led to drug withdrawal in 13% of patients in the gabapentin group compared with 7% in the placebo group. The researchers concluded that this medication is an effective and well-tolerated preventive for migraine.

Gabapentin can be very helpful in controlling the pain of trigeminal neuralgia (tic doloreaux), post herpetic neuralgia (the lingering pain after a bout of shingles), the pain of diabetic neuropathy and other neuritic pains such as pain from nerve irritation due spinal arthritis or disc disease and occipital neuralgia. Occasionally it seems to be helpful in controlling migraine and other headaches. It has also been reported to be helpful in controlling the pain of fibromyalgia.

Gabapentin is generally well tolerated. The main side effects are dizziness and drowsiness. Occasionally there maybe some fluid retention, unsteadiness or G.I upset, mainly diarrhea.

The effective dose of gabapentin varies greatly. Some persons need only 200-300 mg a day whereas others may need 3000 mg or more a day. It may take several weeks to become effective, so it is important to stay on it for an adequate length of time.

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