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ALK is a global allergy solutions company, with a wide range of allergy treatments, products and services that meet the unique needs of allergy sufferers, their families and healthcare professionals.

the Danish pharmaceutical company “ALK-Abelló A/S.” ALK is a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of allergy immunotherapy products. They specialize in providing solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of allergies.

Key points about ALK in the context of allergy solutions:

  1. Allergy Immunotherapy: ALK is known for its expertise in allergy immunotherapy, including subcutaneous and sublingual allergy vaccines. These vaccines are designed to desensitize individuals to specific allergens, helping to reduce allergic reactions over time.
  2. Allergy Diagnosis: The company is involved in developing and providing diagnostic tools and tests to identify specific allergens causing allergic reactions in individuals.
  3. Global Presence: ALK operates globally, with a presence in multiple countries, and its products are used by healthcare professionals to address allergic conditions.
  4. Focus on Respiratory Allergies: ALK has a particular focus on respiratory allergies, such as those caused by pollen, dust mites, and animal dander.

Product Approval Dates:

01‐MAR‐2017 House Dust Mites (Dermatophagoides farinae and Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) Allergen Extract
02‐NOV‐2000 Venoms, Honey Bee Venom
02‐NOV‐2000 Venoms, Mixed Vespid Venom Protein
02‐NOV‐2000 Venoms, Wasp Venom Protein
02‐NOV‐2000 Venoms, White Faced Hornet Venom Protein
02‐NOV‐2000 Venoms, Yellow Hornet Venom Protein
02‐NOV‐2000 Venoms, Yellow Jacket Venom Protein
11‐APR‐2014 Timothy Grass Pollen Allergen Extract
17‐APR‐2014 Short Ragweed Pollen Allergen Extract

More than 500 million people worldwide have allergies. Many of them suffer in silence because the way ahead is too confusing.

By collecting information and the latest and most trusted solutions together in one place, we want to make allergy surprisingly simple to manage. With 100 years of experience, nobody knows allergy like us, and we continuously apply our scientific knowledge and expertise to help people take control of their allergy and their life.

We want to make a difference by offering solutions for everyone who is touched by allergy – through a comprehensive range of products, services and resources that offer a fast-track to a more balanced life.


ALK-Abelló A/S.

Boge Alle 6‐8
DK‐2970 Horsholm DENMARK

ALK‐Abello, Inc.

35 Channel Drive
Port Washington NY 11050

Product Approval Dates

03‐SEP‐1998 Animal Allergens, Standardized Cat Hair
23‐FEB‐1998 Animal Allergens, Standardized Cat Pelt
23‐FEB‐1998 Insects (Whole Body), Mite Dermatophagoides farinae
23‐FEB‐1998 Insects (Whole Body), Mite Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
23‐FEB‐1998 Non Standardized Allergenics
23‐FEB‐1998 Pollens ‐ Grasses, Bermuda Grass Cynodon dactylon
23‐FEB‐1998 Pollens ‐ Grasses, Bluegrass, Kentucky (June) Poa pratensis
23‐FEB‐1998 Pollens ‐ Grasses, Fescue, Meadow Festuca elatior
23‐FEB‐1998 Pollens ‐ Grasses, Orchard Grass Dactylis glomerata
23‐FEB‐1998 Pollens ‐ Grasses, Redtop Agrostis alba
23‐FEB‐1998 Pollens ‐ Grasses, Ryegrass, Perennial Lolium perenne
23‐FEB‐1998 Pollens ‐ Grasses, Sweet Vernal Grass Anthoxanthum odoratum
23‐FEB‐1998 Pollens ‐ Grasses, Timothy Phleum pratense
23‐FEB‐1998 Pollens ‐ Weeds and Garden Plants, Ragweed, Short mbrosia artemisiifolia
23‐FEB‐1998 Positive Skin Test Control‐Histamine

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