Stress Reduction with the help of Biofeedback Treatment

Biofeedback is indeed an innovative technique used for healing that is claiming a promising result in for stress (psychosomatic) and associated symptoms. New techniques and procedures are adopted by professionals in this technique in scientific, psychiatric and medical communities. Biofeedback treatment has shown an effective result in reducing stress and anxiety including alleviation of discomfort caused due to previous injury or various types of chronic pain.

Biofeedback is the best and curative practice which helps people to get back their charge and capability of physiological processes. The method involves diagnosing the physiological reactions of a person with the help of neurological monitoring device and demonstrates the signals in order to find out the exact areas that are leading to problems in patient. This helps the patient to use the natural feedback so that he/she can know the areas of their body that is causing stress or pain in his/her environment.

Biofeedback helps the patient gain his/her own consciousness and control over psychological process through monitoring devices. When the patient himself becomes active participant in his/her treatment, it becomes helpful for the patient to recognize the reactions that can add to stress or pain. Even the practitioners find the therapy helpful because of the fact that they can build an in-tune relationship the patient’s mind and body, which in turn helps them develop reflexive awareness and self control which helps increasing confidence in all areas of their own lives.

Various areas where Biofeedback therapy has shown amazing results are

  1. Bipolar, depression and psychological disorders.
  2. Neurological injuries caused because of toxic exposure, tumors and head trauma
  3. OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder)
  4. Substance addiction and behavior treatment
  5. PTSD(post traumatic disorder of stress)
  6. Disorder of Attention Deficit(PTSD)
  7. Severe headaches related to strain and chronic migraine
  8. Raynaud’s disease

Biofeedback is used successfully for a variety of treatments to cure conditions which includes general anxiety, stressors in daily life and serious cases of psychological trauma. Like prescription drugs, there are no serious side effects shown in biofeedback treatment. The treatment is non-invasive, drug free and biofeedback uses combination of interactive technology and therapeutic techniques in order to incorporate self-mastery and instill confidence in patients, helping them to lead in managing the pain and stress levels.

Biofeedback helps people to help themselves function better and gain self-confidence too. It also teaches people how to manage their psychological responses. The devices used during biofeedback therapy also analyze other factors like blood pressure, muscle tension, skin response, pupil dilation, perspiration, heart rate and blood flow (peripheral)

The main function of this therapy is to highlight symptoms and patient’s other aspects that cannot be understood with common perception. Using the combination of analysis gathered from the feedback provided by the patient along with the physician, it becomes easy to reach the root cause of the problems easily. This treatment also helps improve overall health of the problem. All these factors make biofeedback most successful and effective treatment that patients can trust.

Heal 7 conditions with Biofeedback

Nowadays there are several certified therapist that use biofeedback technique to cure a lot of ailments. Thousands of people even learn biofeedback on their own with the help of instruction books and home devices that are available with the devices. Listed below are some conditions that can be treated with biofeedback

Chronic Pain

Anxiety and chronic pain go hand in hand. The pain leads to anxiety which aggravates the pain even more. Biofeedback is helpful in relieving anxiety, which in turn helps in reducing chronic pain. Biofeedback helps people learn how to relax muscles right from neck to their buttocks. Biofeedback is also helpful in reducing the problem of breathlessness which causes because of congestive heart fail or vaginismus and some other conditions. It also helps rehabilitation period for heart stroke or situations like training of artificial limb wherein people need to learn how to use certain muscles.


Biofeedback is known to be very effective treatment in case of migraine or tension headaches. The sensors are placed on neck and head, this way people come to know about the tense spots and can easily relax them. Migraines are caused due to unnatural expansion and unnatural constriction of blood vessels present in our brain. Biofeedback also helps people learn how to correct the problems related to blood vessels.

Raynaud’s Disease

This is a common condition which involves blood vessels constriction in fingers or sometimes in toes which causes cold and painful extremities during cold weather. Most people who followed biofeedback instructions got to control the circulation and reduce the discomfort.


Biofeedback teaches those who are suffering from anxiety to relax deeply. That also means it is related to visualization and meditation and is used in combination with visualization exercises. It is possible to relax even without Biofeedback, but there are some people who lose control over their body and are unable to relax. With the help of Biofeedback you can just stare the monitor and visualize yourself relax.


Many people suffering from diabetes often experience circulatory damage in legs and feet, which also leads to toe, limb or foot amputation. Biofeedback actually helps the diabetic people with the main issue and that is keeping the level of blood sugar balanced. People who learn biofeedback can get help to control their blood sugar levels which in turn will keep them away from related side effects of diabetes.

TMJ Syndrome

It is Temporomandibular Joint known as TMJ. It is present near your ear and connects your jaw to your skull. A lot of people suffer from TMJ pain which might cause due to chronic tension in their jaw muscle. Biofeedback provides relief for a long term in case of TMJ

High blood pressure

Many people suffering from imbalanced blood pressure levels experience the positive effect of biofeedback to control their blood pressure may it be mild or moderate.

So biofeedback basically is a technique that will help you cure many ailments. You can learn it yourself too.

Opioid pain relievers should only be used for brief amounts of time

The easiest path for anyone concerned about abusing opioid pain relievers is avoiding these drugs completely. However, it is likely that, somewhere in your future you might require the need for opiate painkillers once more. Should you need to take these drugs in the future, do so under the close observation of the physician who prescribed them. Maintain the dosage as it has been prescribed and only take what is necessary to alleviate your pain.

Keep in mind that opioid pain relievers should only be used for brief amounts of time to treat moderate to severe pain symptoms. These drugs alter the brain’s chemical structure after extended abuse. Therefore, you are not only putting yourself at risk for continued dependency, but also potentially harmful and irreversible neurological problems.

All opioid analgesics include this chance of dependency, which is why they are categorized as Schedule IV drugs. Even though they have an accepted medical use, there is still a relatively low potential for either physical or psychological dependency. Therefore, an opioid addict’s best chance of recovery lies in his or her avoidance of future drug uses and exploring of other non-pharmacological methods of pain relief.

If you have chronic pain and are trying to avoid using opiate pain medications, ask your physician about the following alternative treatments for pain, described by AARP The Magazine:

  • Dietary supplements, like glucosamine and chondroitin, which might help to alleviate pain associated with conditions like arthritis
  • Acupuncture, which has been found to relieve pain symptoms associated with various illnesses
  • Herbal and natural supplements
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Physical therapy
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Nutrition––diets rich in fish and flaxseed include an abundance of Omega-3 fatty acids that relieve inflammation
  • Biofeedback
  • Massage

Remember, an individual prone to addiction, such as a recovering addict, will be putting his or her sobriety at risk if they begin taking prescription drugs like Tramadol again. If you are currently taking these drugs and are afraid of becoming addicted or if you realize that you have become addicted, seek out the help of an experienced substance abuse treatment provider today.