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Sleeping Pills: How Dangerous Are They?

Can’t sleep? Are you one of the several million people who spend hours in bed fighting to slip away from the day’s turmoil, to wake exhausted?

Insomnia is a major problem, one of the serious hazards of living in the 21st century. There is a growing number of people who suffer from lack of sleep, inability to go to sleep or recurring bouts of waking after insufficient sleep.

Because of this, many people, like others throughout the western world, have been slowly drugging themselves towards mesmerism at bedtime.

But changes have taken place. Most doctors no longer dole out hypnotics and sedatives freely, as they and governments have realized that excessive medication is bad.

Increasing numbers of medical journals have underlined the serious long-term effects of constant sedation.

For many years barbiturate drugs were prescribed by the tonne around the world, but as people consumed more and more of them the death toll rose. People were dying from overdoses or from the drastic combination of the drugs and alcohol.

But as the increasing fatalities were becoming frightening, a new family of drugs emerged. These drugs, the benzodiazepines (BZD, BZs), now form the basis of most types of sedative and tranquilizer.

The striking feature of these drugs is their apparent safety. If large doses are taken death is most improbable and even when the drugs are mixed with alcohol, the death rate still does not rise dramatically.

When this is compared with the use of the barbiturates there is an enormous difference. Overdoses with the new drugs usually mean that the patient , simply slips into oblivion for more hours or more days.

However, the drugs are still new, and many doctors are still wondering about long-term safety. Recently the American medical magazine “The New England Journal of Medicine” delved into the sleep problems of the nation.

“Doctors describe 17 percent of their patients as having difficulty in sleeping,” Dr Frederic Solomon reported. “They provide prescription medication for over half of them.”

How do the patients feel? “One third of these patients over the age of 18 years see themselves as having trouble sleeping within a given year, even though only two percent class themselves as insomniacs.” Dr Solomon said.

The Institute of Medicine, a large American body, was asked to give its opinions on the current sedatives available to doctors and patients. It compared the benzodiazepines and the barbiturates, pointing out that the use of alcohol with either family of drugs is potentially very hazardous, but the new drugs are a little safer.

The institute pointed out the use of longer-acting benzodiazepines, when taken regularly, could impair driving ability on the following day. The effect would be magnified if alcohol was consumed on this second day. The report said that a person can become reliant on drug use at night, irrespective of the variety taken.

What about birth defects? “This has not been fully explored,” the institute said, but it suggested that there may be an increased risk of cleft palate with the newer drugs.

However, most doctors would agree that this must be extremely rare.

The Institute summed up its findings by saying “until long-term safety and efficacy of regular hypnotic use is established, doctors should rarely, if ever, prescribe hypnotic drugs for periods longer than two to four weeks for patients who have not yet become reliant on regular use of hypnotics.”

A warm relaxing bath for sleeping better

In short, don’t become an addict. Don’t ask your doctor for “knock-out” pills for a night’s sleep. Give nature a chance, even if the day has been hectic and you are tense and find it hard to settle.

Eventually you will go to sleep at night, and the sooner you rely on your own system the better. I like my nerve systems to tick over neat and fresh each day and numbing the senses doesn’t help this to happen.

Try the simple, natural methods which often work amazingly well. Before bed, sit down for half an hour in a comfortable chair and relax. Read a book, or magazine or paper, ideally something light and not too exciting. This often dulls the mental processes. TV is also a good natural relaxer.

Others find a warm relaxing bath, particularly in winter, a relaxing method of preparing for sleep. And some people like to take a quiet stroll down the road. Milk-based drinks are often good steady tranquilizers which can lull the brain, but tea or coffee, which contain the nerve stimulant caffeine, are not recommended.

Relaxation is the name of the game. When you get to bed you could try counting backwards, as hypnotherapists recommend, and you will probably sink into oblivion.

Or you could gradually and systematically relax each muscle group. Start with the toes and relax them, then the calf and upper leg muscles. Move up to the abdominal muscles, letting these go limp and loose and floppy. Then the chest muscles.

Each time you breathe out, simply let the whole body relax and go limp. Move on to the fingers and forearm muscles, then the upper arms. Finally the back, neck and face are all totally relaxed.

Concentrate on a mental image of yourself actually relaxing. Visualize yourself slipping deeper and deeper into your mattress, feeling heavy, languid, relaxed and deliciously comfortable. Soon you will be asleep.

Now repeat this simple formula each and every night, and the need for drugs will vanish. Try it and see.

Tips to get comfortable sleep

It feels really uncomfortable when you do not get enough because of sleeplessness or insomnia problem. We all need to sleep at least 8 hours during the night to get enough rest. Insomnia problems keep you awake and this can lead to frustration and various health problems. Sound sleep is important to regulate the normal functions of our body and mind. Well, you can help yourself to learn how to get a comfortable sleep. Of course it requires some efforts but you’re the results will be worth your efforts.

Why sleeping during the night is important?

The reason is associated with health plus you feel energetic when you get sound sleep during the night. Some people get 8 hrs of sleep during the night while others get sleep for 7-1/2 hrs. Half an hour extra still makes a difference. Let us learn some tips that will help you get comfortable sleep.

The following tips help a person fall asleep and also stay asleep.

Using Restroom- This may seem quite obvious, but this is one of the main reasons for awakening during middle hours of the night. People have to go to the restroom.

Consuming beverages prior to sleep- it is better to avoid drinking anything half an before going to bed unless there is a need for it.

Hunger- if you are going to bed without eating or empty stomach or even if you had a heavy meal and your stomach is full, then also you will face trouble in getting sleep. So it is better to avoid both situations in order to get relaxed sleep.

Comfort – it is important to be comfortable when you go to bed like you should keep blankets to keep your body warm and make sure you feel comfortable when you are going to sleep.

Always lay on bed in a quite comfortable position like some people are comfortable sleeping on their back. Do not change the natural speed of your breathing. Breathe naturally and focus on your heart beat to check if you are breathing naturally.

Make sure you avoid taking sugar or caffeine before going to bed to get sound sleep as caffeine leads to anxiety though you will just feel tired after consuming caffeine. You can replace caffeine with warm milk or tea and take it two hours before you go to bed. A good mattress also matters a lot as comfort is important. If you mattress is too soft, firm or bulk, you might face problems while sleeping whole night and land up getting soar back or neck the next morning.

Another thing which is important for a comfortable sleep is the sleeping environment like having phones, televisions, loud music in nearby rooms and disturbs you from falling asleep and this can lead to sleeplessness.

You should also eliminate all worries and negative thoughts before going to bed and meditate a little so that you can sleep stress free. Worries can bother you and hinder your sleep so be stress free.

Exercise can be a good treatment for Insomnia

Many people suffer from sleeplessness of one or other type. Well there are so many medications available which are used as part of insomnia treatment and also there are many methods that help treat insomnia. Have you ever thought of considering the levels of physical fitness or how much you exercise?

A true fact that if being active physically, you tend to get better sleep during night hours. Many people ignore this fact and believe that exercising helps improve energy levels and think that in order to sleep you shouldn’t exercise. But looking at reality, exercise of course gives you energy but also improves your metabolism and is considered as an effective treatment for insomnia.

Exercise is obviously a good idea for treating insomnia and there are many reasons for that. Firstly it requires demands on your muscles. When an individual is physically active, his/her muscles get stretched and pulled up to support the movements. The movements lead to rips and tears in your muscles that needs repair during day time as well. Well, then how exercise can prove to be effective in treating insomnia?  Your body needs rest to renew and repair the muscles and they need rest to get healed. You feel tired as body makes the muscles inactive to start the process of healing. That’s the reason you feel exhausted after vigorous physical exercise or exercise, which body is trying to make you feeling like taking rest so that it can start repairing process.

In simple words, you need to be active so that you get tired enough to get sound sleep during the night, which might sound bit unusual but is very effective in treating insomnia. Physical activity enhances metabolism and regulate blood sugar. These two factors are also contribute to sleep cycle and can yield effective results in treating insomnia. When the metabolism increase during exercising, it continues to run faster even when the person is resting.  The heart rate increases in order to supply oxygen and blood to the muscles so that the muscles can go through the healing process. This also leads to you being tired during the night, which is an amazing treating for insomnia. When the levels of blood and sugar is regulated, you will not go through the lows and highs as other people having sugar problems experience, which also interferes with sleeping patterns.

That is the reason exercise is and effective treatment for insomnia with an additional benefit of being active physically on a daily basis. Exercise helps you feel tired and your muscles are repaired and you get good night sleep because of exercising during the day. You can consider exercise as an insomnia treatment and stick to an exercise regime regularly in order to get natural sleep. Medications can only help you get sleep as long as you are taking them else you will again land into same problems of sleeplessness.

It is better to exercise and check out the effectiveness for sleeping disorder.

Treating Insomnia without Drugs

Generally, insomnia treatments are not always necessary because if the insomnia is temporary, it can be cured when the underlying trigger is corrected. When the insomnia becomes chronic many people need medical help. The treatment for insomnia should actually focus on reaching the root cause of insomnia. Once the root cause is identified, it is very important to control and manage the problem, as this will help eradicate insomnia completely. Treating insomnia without knowing the cause won’t work at all.

Even chronic insomnia can also be cured in some cases, if the psychiatric and medical causes are evaluated and the treatments for insomnia are executed properly. Following are the treatments that can be used with therapies towards successful treatment of insomnia

Treating insomnia includes both medical and non-medical aspects. It is always better to customize the treatment for insomnia depending upon the cause of each individual. Studies say that combination of medical and non medical treatments are more successful in eliminating insomnia than using just one.

Non medical (therapies ) include stimulus control, relaxation therapy, sleep hygiene and sleep restriction and these are known as congnitive behavior therapy.

Insomnia Treatments

One of the components included in behavioural therapy while treating insomnia is sleep hygiene. There are some simple steps that can help improve the quality of patient’s sleep like

  • Take enough sleep which can help your body get rest, but avoid oversleeping
  • Don’t’ force yourself to go to sleep
  • Maintain a sleep schedule on a regular basis
  • Don’t drink beverages that are caffeinated after 2 or 3 PM during afternoon.
  • Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages before going to sleep
  • Avoid smoking in the evening
  • Don’t go to bed when you are hungry
  • Adjust noise, light and temperature levels
  • Do not let worries come to your mind when you go to sleep.
  • Relaxation therapy includes muscle relaxation, meditation, playing music(soothing), putting dim lights before you go to sleep etc.,
  • Only go to bed when you feel like sleeping
  • Avoid heavy meals and fluids in plenty before bedtime
  • If you think you are not falling asleep within half an hour after going to sleep, wake up and go to some other room and try to relax.

Control environment

Control the environment you live in like noises, lights, temperature, uncomfortable room that can disturb your sleep. Avoid tasks that are stressful for you before going to sleep. Do not work in your bedroom as it stresses you out while sleeping.

Proper sleep is must and worries in your mind can disturb your sleep. Try to relax your mind and going to sleep only when you feel like sleeping is the best way to avoid unwanted worries that come to your mind while lying down. If you are working in night shifts make sure you get a sound sleep during day time.

You should maintain a regular sleeping pattern and sound sleep is very important for overall health and many people under stress often suffer from insomnia so  let the worries not conquer your sleep.

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