Acne can be treated through Alternative treatments

Acne treatments especially alternative treatments for acne are gaining popularity and are sold all time by online pharmacies. A lot of people suffer from acne and thus the treatments available for getting rid of acne are in plenty. We need to pick understand the right treatment and pick up the right one for ourselves.

Why alternative treatment for acne is appealing

Acne is just not a condition that occurs on skin surface but it actually occurs when our skin pores get clogged due to the oil produced by our skin. These skin pores help your skin execute both respiratory and excretory functions properly. Without the skin pores, bacteria settles along with the toxins easily. The combination accelerates dead cell accumulation around your skin that also can be painful and irritating.

The basic problem with conventional treatments is that they are available in the form of oils, lotions, ointments that treats only skin surface. When you tend to apply more oily substances to your skin which is already clogged it can worse the problem. The best thing that these treatments achieve is to give you scar free skin while the bacterial action still going on under your skin to create more scars.

The alternative treatment given for acne actually target the root cause that is bacteria that causes the problem and eliminate acne right from its root. Advantages of alternative treatments for acne are

  1. Less expensive
  2. Easily available for everyone
  3. Its treats the root cause and not just the skin surface
  4. It also improves overall health and not just acne
  5. No side effects.

Some examples of alternative treatment for acne are

Vitamin and mineral supplementation

Acne basically originates from the deficiency of essential vitamins that promotes growth, functionality and maintenance of your skin. Acne results when you have deficient levels of Vitamin E, A and Pantothenic acid in your body.

To prevent acne you need to increase the intake of vegetables and fruits to give your body essential nutrients. Even vitamins supplements are very important and help in curing acne.

Light treatment

Another alternative treatment for acne is use of light. This method makes the use of UV rays to remove the accumulation of acne. This method needs proper guidance of a professional dermatologist.

Herbal extracts or herbs

In teenage girls, acne causes as result of imbalance in levels of hormones. This is basically treated using herbs such as black cohosh, red clover, dong quai, wild yam, chaste berry and evening primrose.

Topical treatments

Some of the topical treatments used are tea tree and seaweed oil. They are crucial in acne treatment and treat inflammation.

Psychological well being

Acne experts say that controlling depression, stress, anxiety and other psychological strains can also help in reducing acne. You can try some of the below listed measures to reduce acne

  • Aromatherapy
  • Regular exercise
  • Relieve stress through various activities like walking
  • Meditation
  • Yoga sessions

Many people adopt alternative treatments over conventional treatment for treating acne because of the side effects associated to conventional treatments.

Benefits of Acupuncture and how it helps quit smoking

Alternative is evolving as a big business and people spend a lot of money every year on alternative medicines. It is a Chinese therapy and is considered as alternative medicine.


In acupuncture (traditional) fine needles are positioned in different parts of our body and are stimulated or rotated. The needles are put along meridians or energy channels. Acupuncture practitioners believe that meridians comprise of body’s life force and placing needles along these energy channels work for body’s energy for betterment. Many medical practitioners feel that acupuncture doesn’t work, but it is proved that acupuncture has its own medical benefits.

Acupuncture helps increasing fertility

Women who are undergoing IVF treatment can the right acupuncture treatment to increase the chances of conceiving almost by 50%

Acupuncture helpful in reducing headaches

Instead of just relying or depending on aspirin, acupuncture can prove to be really effective fighting the severity and frequency of headaches. It seen that acupuncture has terminated headaches completely in many patients.

Acupuncture helpful in eradicating depression

Many people who suffer from depression may it be severe or mild are heading towards acupuncture as an alternative medication to treat depression.

Weight loss can also be achieved through Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help in support a patient’s flexibility, fight cravings and improve the ability of a patient to respond positively to exercise or to healthy diet.

Acupuncture for asthma sufferers

Several studies have shown that acupuncture has shown significant relief in patients suffering from asthma

Acupuncture also helps in Migraines

Acupuncture has successfully worked in preventing migraines. The approach adopted to treat migraines is to eradicate the root cause of this condition which is tension. Another benefit of the treatment is that it has no side effects and it is painless as well.

Acupuncture reduces the symptoms of Diabetes

If you want to control the symptoms of diabetes naturally, you can try acupuncture as a feasible treatment. Acupuncture is painless most of the times, but only pricking sensation can be felt upon inserting the needles. Research says that acupuncture shows benefits and amazing effects as primary treatment in medical care and also can be used as alternative treatment and the main advantage is that it has no side effects when done by professional and licensed acupuncturist.

Again you need to find licensed and qualified acupuncture practitioner in order to get right treatment for any of your medical problems. The best way is to find the acupuncture practitioner through referrals as people who had good experience are in a better position to recommend the right acupuncture practitioner.

You can also find an acupuncture practitioner through internet by going through reviews and through various directories as they list the professional and certified acupuncture practitioners. So choosing the acupuncture practitioner is equally important to get right acupuncture treatment.

Quit smoking with the help of Acupuncture

Well the question is whether acupuncture can help quitting smoking? The acupuncture therapists say that acupuncture helps a person in reducing his cravings for nicotine and also related withdrawal symptoms.

Acupuncture Therapy – Best Alternative Treatment!

It is well proved that acupuncture treatments are highly successful in treating several medical situations. The cost for acupuncture therapy treatments differs to a great extent and it depends on quality of the treatments and length of the required acupuncture treatments. Moreover, there are acupuncture procedures which go ahead than inserting the needle. Many such research has also documented for findings that this is not completely known that how does acupuncture methods works, however so there are also some key points that the acupuncture enhances the production for endorphins which makes complete body to feel relaxed and assist to reduce stress.

Treatments of Acupuncture have even documented to be wonderful success for treating the injuries that are usually related to tense, damaged and irritated tendons, muscles or nervous tension. It is also found that many people do not wish that the procedure of acupuncture are great treatments for allergies, depression, stress, insomnia, sinusitis and anxiety. It is also found that recently many people are searching for acupuncture therapy exclusively for weight loss.

Few evidence also show that procedure of acupuncture are highly effective as compared to the inactive medications to relieve the pains of post-treatment and it is also maintained at the follow-up. The different Acupuncture treatments usually take about 25 minutes, but the therapy of acupuncture can also differ, according to the condition of the patient. Many acupuncture treatments will provide simultaneously with different medical treatments, like traditional and Western medicine, naturopathic prescriptions and chiropractic adjustments. Though, it is general with first couple getting the acupuncture treatments for relaxation and also with some incomprehension following directly the treatment.

The therapy of Acupuncture involves the complete sequence of biweekly or weekly treatments for outpatient setting. This also appears that the treatment of acupuncture is very useful for individual treatment for different health issues, but acupuncture is even highly used in the combination with different traditional and Western treatments. Several studies have also found that treatment of acupuncture can reduce the phenomenon of Reynaud; helps to enhance the conditions like irritable bowel syndrome; with increase in different medical treatments for the gout, if being used with the combined medical therapy.

There is irresistible majority of the patients who also find that the treatments that acupuncture are comfortable and they are exceptionally relaxing. Many patients basically fall asleep during the treatment though it is also a quick procedure. The method of acupuncture applies heat, pressure, needles and different acupuncture treatments for different locations on skin known as acupuncture points. Prior to starting the acupuncture therapy, you should ask the acupuncturist that are chosen about quantity of the suggested treatments and also an estimated price for such treatments.

The treatments of Acupuncture are now becoming highly accepted by public and physicians. Many acupuncture therapy are even practiced by the number of the certified medical practitioners which also belong to professional Acupuncture Company that publish the semi-annual journals. The acupuncture process is highly effective in great different areas in field of health care. The controversy has also encircled acupuncture; though huge claims also made for efficiency, on other hand, it has also been critiqued for their absence in scientific standing.

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