Treatments available for neck pain that can help

Neck pain can disturb your day to day activities and if it continues for a long time. You feel restless and helpless. Sometimes doctors suggest prescription medications; still there are some homes treatments that can help you recover from neck pain.

Ice or heat

Using a heating pad (medium setting) for say 15-20 minutes after every 2-3 hours can help a lot to relieve neck pain. You can also take warm shower instead of using heating pad. You can also purchase heat wraps with single-use that last for 8 hours.

You can also use ice pack for about 10-15 minutes after every 2-3 hours.

Keep moving carefully

Get back to your daily activities as soon as possible as movement helps the muscles to remain strong. Avoid certain activities like sports, lifting, which can worsen the stiffness and pain. Engage in stretching exercises and strengthening exercises as it helps your neck to stay flexible and prevent stiffness.

Avoid activities that can lead to neck pain like working on computer for long hours or working constantly for a long time. Massage the area on your neck gently to promote flow of blood, and avoid massaging in case the injured area leads to pain.

Nonprescription external applications gels or creams can help to get relief from neck pain.

Neck braces are also used as part of neck pain treatment and devices like sterno-occipital are suggested to the patients. The braces help in supporting the spine, which in turn works well for weakness in neck muscles, provides faster healing and keeps your neck in correct position as required.

Some patients are also treated with the help of ultrasound. In critical cases even surgery is required.  Steroid injections like epidural can lessen the nerve roots inflammation. Herbal oils and its regular massage can also treat neck pain and provides effects that last for long.

Depending on the diagnosis results the treatment for neck pain is given which include

Neck collar


Heat and ice therapy


Hospital treatment

Surgery (in rare cases)

Muscle relaxants

Pain medication

Physical therapy, stretching, exercise

Some alternative therapies that are used for treating neck pain are massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and these therapies should be taken only from licensed professionals.


This procedure is conducted using sling, cast or splint. It is very important to understand and follow doctor’s instruction in order to use these devices carefully.

Sometimes doctors also advise not to move the injured part very often as rest heals the injury faster. Doctors may suggest fewer movements.

There are many medical treatments, natural remedies and alternative therapies available for treating neck pain and each one of us can decide on which treatment to opt for depending on the severity of neck pain. If the pain is not so severe, it can be treated at home with the help of home remedies that actually work.

In any treatment maintain right neck position and following doctor’s instruction is necessary.

Identifying reasons for neck pain

Neck pain is quite common, that affects nearly all of us some or the other way. When you experience neck pain suddenly, but is intense, it is acute neck pain. The pain can range from burning sensation, mild discomfort to severe sensation as well. The neck pain becomes chronic if it lasts for 3 months or more and this might indicate you of a serious medical condition. Both genders experience neck pain but women experience it frequently.

Reasons for neck pain

Injury is the main reason for pain in your neck. Along with injury the other reason can be mechanical or muscle problem as well.  People suffering from arthritis problem in neck also suffer from neck pain and arthritis is the cause here. Sometimes it is because of sleeping in incorrect position that leads to stress on your neck muscles.

Trauma and injury are other reasons for neck pain like whiplash or sudden jolt. Apart from this stress and worry also adds to aggravate neck pain. Standing or sitting in such a way that keeps your head in a much sustained position can also lead to neck problems, like using keyboards for a long time.

Some serious medical conditions that cause neck pain are brittle bones, osteoporosis or slipped disc. Scoliosis also leads to many neck problems and in rare cases neck pain causes due to tumors or infection. Poor posture and degenerative diseases also cause neck pain.

Wrong posture while sleeping causes a lot of pain in the neck. Using a pillow that doesn’t support the neck and head properly brings in neck pain. Pain derived from wrong posture doesn’t even make us realize that wrong posture can be the cause. Sometimes carrying heavy bag on the shoulder, working on computers for long hours, computer is placed on high position, reading while you are lying on the bed, witting in curled position or twisted position while watching television also results in neck pain.

Medical conditions that cause neck pain are blood pressure along with meningitis also causes neck pain. There are a lot of reasons associated with neck pain for example injured soft tissues like ligaments, tendons and muscles. Bone abnormalities and problems like cervical spondylosis and also narrowing of your spinal cord can result in chronic neck pain.

Simple reasons like gritting teeth can also cause neck pain. Worn joints like with age neck joints wear down causing severe neck pain. Bone spurs or herniated disc wherein the vertebrae of the neck get pressed and it branches out the spinal cord leads to neck pain as well.

Some people involved in jobs like painting ceilings wherein their head remains bend while they work can cause neck pain. Incidences like falling from high position, blows or strangulation on face affects your cervical spine which connects neck and head to your back.

Even cancer can lead to neck pain. The reasons are many but we should get it treated and also follow simple exercise to get relief from pain. This can help us recover soon from neck pain.

Important Features to Look for Treatment for Neck Pain

Are you experiencing rigidity or ache in area that links your head and body? If you are suffering with such a problem, then look for an effective treatment for neck pain. Some of the features that you should look for in cures are:

They should have no or few side effects

We don’t mean that the prescription medicines do not work better as part of successful treatment for neck pain. In fact there are many medications available to relieve different type of aches. Though artificial ingredients present in prescription medicines can lead to unwanted side effects that can sometimes make your condition worse. People hesitate to take such medicines because of their side effects, even if they relieve aches.

They should be successful

People say that they are healthy and have no aches, but that also means that they are free of neck pains as well. There are a plenty of treatments available for neck pain, but the successful ones help destroy or reduce the pain. Whether you suffer from discomfort, swelling, or any other symptom, any treatment should be able to actually remove pain successfully.

They must be natural

Natural remedies have characteristics that do not lead to side effects or very few side effects as compared to prescribed medications. They contain natural ingredients and they help in treating diseases and disorders.

Approach Taken

When you opt for a specific treatment for neck pain, make sure that the treatment helps you know the root cause of the problem and help eliminating it rather than just focusing on eradicating symptoms. There are much treatment that focus just on eliminating symptoms and that’s why the problem persists again and again. Therefore make sure that the treatment helps you understand the main cause of neck pain and how they will be eliminating the problem. The physician should be able to brief in about the reason of your pain and steps that he/she would be taking to prevent the problem from coming back again.

Duration of your treatment

This factor can be helpful in determining about the treatment. If the doctor promises you to eliminate pain in just 1- days then you can think again about opting for treatment. Duration of the treatment can also help you know the credibility of the treatment. If the duration is short, it means that only your symptoms are going to be treated and not the problem. Also the treatment duration depends on the severity of your neck pain. You can rethink if the treatment is too long or too short before you pay for it.

Price Range

When it comes to health, money should not be given more importance than treatment. If your neck pain is severe then you are willing to spend money to get right treatment for yourself. Make sure you get complete value for your money that you invest in treatment. Also depending on the condition of your pain, you need to invest in right treatment so that you get right treatment the very first time.

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