Asthma and Food Allergies- Nutritious Diet for Asthma

Food allergies can cause some life threatening problems in some cases. The common foods linked to allergic symptoms are as follows

  • Cow’s milk
  • Eggs
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Fish
  • Tree nuts
  • Shellfish
  • Peanuts

Asthma and food preservatives

Food preservatives are also responsible for aggravating asthma attack. Additives like potassium bisulfite, sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite and sodium sulfite are some commonly used preservatives in food preparation and food processing and can be easily found in following foods

  • Packaged or prepared potatoes
  • Dried vegetables or fruits
  • Pickled foods
  • Beer and wine
  • Shrimp (frozen, fresh or prepared)
  • Bottled lemon or lime juice

Food allergy symptoms and Asthma

In many people the unusual symptoms that occur due to food allergies are rash, hives, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.  If you certain food allergies that can aggravate asthma symptoms, you tend to get such allergy symptoms including wheezing and coughing. If not prevented quickly, it can lead to cutting off airway and throat swelling.

If you notice that some foods are aggravating your asthma, you can discuss with your physician. Allergy tests can be done to identify to which foods you are allergic to.

Having food allergies along with asthma?

Avoid the food that triggers asthma

Try to avoid food that you are allergic to. It is difficult to know about food triggers, so make sure you read the label on foods that you buy or while eating you can ask how the food is prepared.

Allergy shots

Secondly you can help your immune system train so that it doesn’t overreact. Doctors do so by giving allergy shots for asthma.  An allergy spot is basically a substance that leads to your allergy and by taking repeated shots of this substance for a period of time; the immune system gradually stops giving birth to allergic reaction.


If you suffer from severe allergies, make sure you keep two injection kits of epinephrine with you almost all the time so that it’s easily available to you. You can use it as and when needed.

Studies say that there are evidences that people who eat diet rich in Vitamin E, C flavanoids, beta-carotene, selenium, and magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids have less chances of having asthma. Many of these elements are antioxidants that protect cell damage

Teens taking poor diet suffer from asthma as it leads to poor functioning of your liver. Nutritional diet is a must for people suffering from asthma.  Eat vegetables and fruits and eat foods high in omega-3 fatty acids like tuna, salmon, sardines and plant sources such as flaxseeds to get maximum benefits for your health.

Avoid omega-6 fatty acids and Trans fats as both of them are found in processed foods and margarines that can lead to severe asthma and heart disease as well.

Avoid eating high calorie diet and do not eat more calories than you burn as it leads to weight gain. Weight gain is not good for normal health and asthma too.

Proper diet and exercise can help you fight asthma easily.

Tips for maintaining a balanced diet and lose weight- for weighty people

If you are overweight or obese, you feel embarrassed when you are in crowd and it’s not only about feeling insecure in crowd, it is also related to other health problems that you face. Reducing weight naturally can be helpful and learning tips to maintain a balanced diet can help you in reducing weight and maintain the same in the long run.

There are some common mistakes we make and keep gaining weight even after dieting or adopting weight loss program. Let us learn about what we can do to reduce weight.

Try not to skip breakfast.

Research says that having breakfast lets you control your body weight. Some people try to skip breakfast, thinking that it will reduce their weight, but missing meals will not help in losing weight and also not good for health as our body also misses out on essential nutrients. Skipping meals also makes us feel hungry and eat more.

Eating regular meals is a must

Missing meals will not help losing weight rather eating meals at regular intervals aids burning calories at much more faster rate. It also prevents the cravings for snacking on high sugar and high fatty foods.

Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are low in fats and calories and rich in fiber and these are three important ingredients that help you lose weight successfully. They also are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Stay active helps

Studies say that regular activity is one of the key factors for losing and maintain weight. This also has several health benefits as exercise helps burn excess calories, which you just can’t cut with diet alone. You can opt for any activity that you enjoy and incorporate the same in your daily routine.

Stay hydrated

Some people confuse their thirst with their hunger. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and can take more if you are engaging yourself in exercise.

Eat foods rich in fiber

Foods that are rich in fiber gives you the feeling of being full, which is ideal for reducing weight. Fiber is found in foods extracted from plants like vegetables, fruits, brown rice, pasta, lentils, beans, oats, wholegrain bread etc.,

Focus on food labels

If you know reading food labels, it can let you choose healthier food and check amount of fat, sugar, calories that you eat. You can also use table designed for providing calorie information to know which foods suits your weight loss program.

Don’t omit foods

Don’t stop yourself from eating foods especially those that you like. If you restrict those foods it will make you crave more for such foods. You can enjoy them occasionally and keeping in mind the limits of your weight loss program.

Eating small portions

Use small bowls and plates so that you tend to eat smaller portions and do not stay hungry. Eat slowly and let the brain tell you it’s full.

Keeping in mind the above tips you can lose weight successfully.

Tips to choose the best diet for your kids

Well, as parents we all need little guidance and helpful tips about choosing healthy diet for our kids. Eating the right and nutritious food is essential for kids in their growing years and it is a cumbersome task to feed them and choose right diet for them. Some tips listed below can help you know how to choose the right diet for your kids.

Decide which foods you want to buy

You need to take control over choosing the right foods and which ones you want to buy. Well, all kids ask for less nutritious food, but you should take control on deciding about the foods that you want to stock in your house. Kids can’t stay hungry and they can eat anything they find in fridge of cupboard when they are hungry. If you think the snack they love isn’t nutritious, still you can treat them once in a while to make them happy.

Food options to choose from

Kids need to have some say when it comes to food. You can schedule snack times and regular meals. Let you kid choose from the option of foods you had given them and let them decide how much they want to eat. You might think that you are giving them extra freedom, but this won’t matter if you are gaining control over choosing food that you are offering.

Don’t force them to eat more than they want to

Let kid decide how much they want to eat and when they say they are done let them stop eating. A lot of parents feel that the plate should be clean after they stop eating, but let the kids not grow under this rule as they know when they are full. When the kids feel they can’t eat more, do not force them to over eat.

Start at young age

Food preferences are set during young age. Dislikes and likes start forming right from when the kids are quite young like babies. You need to make them used to eating a different food and serve many times so that they accept it.

Experiment with kid’s menu

Well, we can say kids like burgers, pizzas, cheese etc., but you can still experiment with their menu giving them new items and they might surprise you with their likings for some foods that might surprise you. You can start with giving them in small quantities.


You can include sweets occasionally to your kid’s menu, but don’t let them get into the habit of asking for sweets in turn of eating dinner. Let the kid eat healthy food not just to eat sweets after each meal.

Your are role model

You can be a role model for your kids. Kids to exactly the same as you do. So you can also eat healthy to show them how important it is to have healthy food. Include healthy snacks, nutritious meal so that children are convinced that their parents are eating healthy meal too.

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