Trimipramine dosage information to get maximum benefits

Trimipramine should be taken as directed by your doctor. Do not change your Trimipramine dose on your own. Do not discontinue the medicine without your doctor’s consent. To get maximum benefits, it is necessary to take the recommended dosage. This article will help you learn about the right Trimipramine dosage information. Consult your health care provider for the right dosage as each case is different and depending upon your medical condition, the doctor can prescribe you the right dose.

Dosage should be started at low doses, which can be increased slowly as required, depending on the patient’s tolerance to the medicine and clinical response. Lower dosages are prescribed for adolescents and elderly patients. Lower dosages are also given to patients who are not being hospitalized as compared to the doses given to a patient who is hospitalized. It is not possible to prescribe a general single dose of Trimipramine maleate(capsules) that can act as an effective treatment method in all patients. Therefore the right dosage depends on various factors like patient’s age, severity and chronicity of the disease, level of psychotherapeutic support and medical condition of a particular patient.

Most antidepressants take a period of minimum 10days to 4 weeks to show positive results. Dosage increment can cut down this period, but would result in adverse reactions too.

Normal Adult Dose

Office patients/Outpatients

Initial Dose: 75mg/day in split doses, which can be increased to 150mg/day.

Dosages should not exceed 200mg/day

Maintenance therapy: 50-150mg/day

Hospitalized patients

Initial dose: 100mg/day in split doses. This can increase to 200/mg/day slowly in a couple of days, depending upon individual’s tolerance and response to the medication

If there is no improvement seen in patient in 2-3 weeks, the dose can be increased to maximum dose of 250-300mg/day

Geriatric and Adolescents patients

Initial Dose: 50mg/day is ideal, which can be increased gradually to 100mg/day depending upon individual’s tolerance and response to the medication

Trimipramine over dosage and treatment

Over dosages of this class of medications can even lead to death. Multiple drug ingestion is very common with antidepressant overdose. The overdose management is changing every day and is quite challenging. Keeping this factor in mind, one should call medical help or poison control centre immediately in case of Trimipramine over dose. Symptoms and signs of toxicity accelerate after overdose of Trimipramine and thus hospitalization is must for a patient.

Signs of Trimipramine overdose include:

  • vomiting
  • drowsiness
  • stupor
  • agitation
  • hypothermia
  • hyperactive reflexes
  • hyperpyrexia
  • dilated pupils
  • disturbed concentration
  • muscle rigidity
  • hallucinations


To treat Trimipramine overdose, an ECG is obtained immediately followed by cardiac monitoring. Patient’s airway is secured, gastric decontamination is started and an intravenous line is established. The patient is kept under medical observation for at least 6 hours wherein cardiac monitoring is conducted to check for signs of hypotension, respiratory or CNS depression, seizures and cardiac dysrhythmias. If the toxicity signs continue during this period, the monitoring is extended for some more time.

Doxepin treats depression and anxiety safely

Doxepin is an antidepressant used to treat different types of depression like

  1. Refractory depression
  2. depression anxiety(mixed)
  3. major depression
  4. neurotic depression
  5. spontaneous endogenous(depression)

Doxepin is also used to treat other health ailments like itching, chronic skin problems, peptic ulcers, panic disorders, anxiety, postprandial hypoglycaemia, PTSD, sleep disorders, or to stop the craving for swelling, smoking, decreased urination happening at night. Doxepin is also used to manage chronic pain in arthritis, herpes lesions, diabetic disease, and pain in patients suffering from cancer, migraines, tic douloureux or tension headaches.

Generic Name is Doxepin Hydrochloride

It is supplied in the form of

Capsules : available in 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, 75mg,100 mg, 150mg

Topical Cream


Oral Concentrate


It takes around 1-2 weeks to see the full benefits of this medication.

Some important information

Doxepin is not a habit forming medication. If halted suddenly withdrawal syndromes are seen with the use of this medication. Avoid using this medicine if you are pregnant; try some other alternative non drug medications. Also avoid taking Doxepin if you are planning to conceive or breastfeeding. Avoid smoking while you are on this drug and also avoid drinking alcohol.

Avoid giving this medication to children below age of 12.             If the patient is above 60 years of age, use small doses of this drug and monitor the patient closely for side effects and they should be extra careful while rising from sitting position as there are chances that elderly people fall while they are on this medication.

Do not use Doxepin if

  1. You are allergic to the drug.
  2. Used or using MAO inhibitors in past 14 days
  3. If you had an heart attack recently
  4. if you have narrow-angle glaucoma

Let your doctor know if

  1. You experience any negative reactions to Doxepin or other drug that belongs to same class in the past.
  2. You have a history of glaucoma, heart disease, epilepsy, diabetes, liver disease, enlarged prostate, overactive thyroid
  3. if you are using any prescription/non prescription drugs
  4. If you are undergoing any surgery or plan to get anaesthesia in couple of months ahead and also if you will have to undergo certain medical tests.

Is Doxepin addictive?

Doxepin is not an addictive antidepressant. Halting the use of Doxepin can lead to withdrawal symptoms like nausea and headache. Dosage should be reduced gradually to reduce withdrawal.

Doxepin treatment should not be stopped suddenly as the associated withdrawal symptoms can be serious. Therefore the dose adjustment should be done slowly. That is why some experts combine the dosage adjustment with all natural medications, which doesn’t react with Doxepin and provide desired relief while Doxepin dosage adjustment is carried out. To avoid the effects of withdrawal symptoms, programs are conducted especially for managing withdrawal symptoms wherein all natural medicines are given to reduce Doxepin dependency and through this program the patient finds it more comfortable to manage withdrawal symptoms. It helps the patients follow the right steps to avoid complications that occur as a result of severe withdrawal symptoms.

Right Nortriptyline dosage for treating depression

Taking the right dosage of Nortriptyline as prescribed by your doctor can help you get maximum drug benefits. You should follow your doctor’s instructions and avoid halting the use of Nortriptyline suddenly. Speak to your doctor before you start using Nortriptyline.

Your drug form, dosage and frequency of the dose depends on

  1. your age
  2. how severe your current medical condition is
  3. other medical problems that you have
  4. how you respond to the initial dose

Normal Adult dose – for depression

25mg to be taken orally – 3-4 times a day

maximum dose: 150mg to be taken orally per day

Note: Plasma levels needs to be monitored and maintained effectively in the range of 50-150 ng/mL., in case the dose given is above 100mg/day.

The dosage of Nortriptyline should be decreased if the patient experiences minor side effects.

The drug should be stopped in case serious allergic symptoms are seen.

The total dose (daily) should be taken once in a day.

Normal Senior dosage for people aged 65 years and above – for depression

The recommended dose for this section is 30-50mg once in a day or in split doses.

Maximum daily dose is 150mg

Normal Geriatric dose – for depression

30-50mg to be taken orally in split doses.

The total dose (daily) should be given once in a day.

Dosage for children

The drug can be used in adolescents and should avoid using it in children who are not of adolescent age. You can check with your doctor for right dosage for a particular age group.

If I miss a dose

In case you miss a dose, take the missed dose as soon as it strikes you else skip the missed dose if it is almost the time for your next dose. Do not take extra dose to make up for the missed dose

If I overdose

Call medical help or poison control centre immediately.

Nortriptyline and Over dosage treatment

Do not take Nortriptyline in excess as accumulation of too much of drug in your body can be dangerous and overdose of Nortriptyline can result in death, low BP, lung problems, seizures, irregular heart beat. If you feel you have used Nortriptyline in excess call emergency medical help or poison control centre immediately.

In case of overdose the doctors obtain ECG and start cardiac monitoring. They also protect airway and start with gastric decontamination. The patients is monitored for minimum 6 hours to check for signs of respiratory or CNS depression, hypotension, seizures, conduction blocks etc., if the signs of toxicity appear again during the observation period, the observation period is extended. Most patients succumb to death after overdose as they do not get immediate medical help or sufficient gastrointestinal decontamination.

Overdose can be fatal and needs immediate treatment to remove the toxins of the drug out of your body. So the first thing that should be done is to seek medical help or call poison control. Patient’s life can be saved if he gets right treatment on right time.

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