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Some wonderful medical benefits of CBC (Cannabichromene)


Cannabichromene (CBC) is not so popular cannaninoid as compared to THC and CBD, but it has some powerful and wonderful medical benefits that we will be discussing about in this article.


An Antidepressant- CBC

CBC is a not a psychoactive compound. This means people who want medical relief without getting a high will certainly like CBC as an alternative medication. Chronic stress is believed to accelerate depression and the sooner you treat stress the better you feel. CBC also acts as antidepressant to fight depression along with CBD and THC.

Pain fighter

This not so common cannabinoid can have a huge impact in controlling pain. As per the research CBC with THC produced powerful analgesic effects. CBC has some mild analgesic properties.

Anti fungal and anti bacterial

As per the studies initially it was found that CBC has some important antifungal bacterial properties and later it was discovered that CBC also has antifungal properties that can treat mild to severe antifungal ailments.


Inflammation is the root cause of many diseases. A little inflammation is considered to be normal as far as our immune system is concerned, but if it exceed beyond limits like in allergy, autoimmune diseases and psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia and depression. We need a compound that has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and it turns out as a boon for our health. CBC comes into picture when we talk of anti-inflammatory properties. When CBC is combines with CBD and THC it gives magnificent results.

Promotes brain growth

For a prolonged period it was believed that our brain stops developing when we reach a particular age, but this is not true. Cells responsible for learning and memory are constantly generated through the process of neurogenesis. In patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia the process of neurogenesis is disturbed.

As the studies say, CBC can promote neurogenesis.


CBC also showed incredible effects in combating breast cancer when combined with THC and some other cannabinoids. The anti-tumour properties of CBC individually do not yield promising results as they do when they are combined with potential tumour fighting cannabinoids.

Important information

CBC is present in marijuana, which means users will get CBC in good amounts. Also some research papers have been published recently on CBC’s influence on intestinal dysmoltility. Intestinal motility is a serious and uncomfortable condition that occurs alone or with other chronic illnesses like Kawasaki syndrome and Parkinson’s diseases. Till now the constipation medications were used to treat intestinal motility rather than treating the specific problem with specific medicines.

CBC is not understood perfectly. It contributes a lot to marijuana to enhance its effect by working in combination with other cannabinoids. It also has its own set of strengths when it treats the health ailments alone. We need more research to understand the benefits of CBC properly so that it doesn’t remain an under-appreciated cannabinoid. The research can help discover its benefits as an individual cannabinoid so that we get maximum benefit and the cannabinoid gets equal importance like other cannabinoids.

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