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Medical properties of CBN explained (Cannabinol)

There are different types of cannabinoids, which are well known for their medical and healing effect of certain hemp products like CBN. CBN is not a characteristics of hemp extracts and is only part of cannabis products and is a by product of cannabinoid of THC. CBN is reported to create more sedative effects when it is combined with THC.

Additionally, CBN reduces the over growth of your skin cells. This turns out to be effective in case of psoriasis treatment where inflammation results in a cycle where skin regeneration takes place almost 3-4 times faster than the normal process of skin regeneration.

Medical properties of CBN


Italian researchers found that CBN is quite effective against MRSA infections. It acts as an antibiotic again MRSA infections.

Pain reliever

Swedish researchers discovered that CBN has powerful effects for relieving pain. Interestingly enough, THC and CBN were discovered to be the only two cannabinoids that are effective in fighting pain by releasing endorphins and treating blood vessels that are tense.


CBN is more sedative as compared to all other cannabinoids.


CBN has properties that are anti-inflammatory proved to be effective in fighting asthma related to allergy in mice. CBN achieved this by enhancing the mice’s immune system and reducing the inflammation related to an asthma attack.

Powerful medication for ALS

A study reported that CBN delayed the initial symptoms of ALS in mice. The findings also proved that CBN can be effective in reducing the symptoms in patients suffering from motor neural and degenerative diseases.

Powerful medication for Glaucoma

In combination with THC, CBN is effective in reducing the ocular pressure which results in blindness in patients having glaucoma. CBN’s potential to reduce ocular hypertension and can guide medical professionals the right way when they want to research on marijuana’s efficacy about blood pressure thoroughly.

Potential to improve and speed bone healing

A study discovered that other cannabinoids and CBN could enhance bone tissue growth by indirectly engaging stem cells to perform the task from bone marrow. Therefore CBN can help CBD’s documented effects on enhancing fracture healing. As a large number of population that ages with time suffer with serious fractures and in such cases they need effective and safe treatments to accelerate and enhance healing.

Burns is another form of serious injury that can costs a lot along with physical and emotional damage. CBN is helpful in providing some benefit for burns as well as they have powerful effects of relieving pain. In such cases combination of CBN and CBD prove to be highly effective in relieving pain that occur as a result of burns than when they are used individually. They also aid burn cases as inflammation caused due to burns can lead to severe damage in patients.

CBN is an effective cannabinoid which when used individually or with the team of other cannabinoids can have amazing healing effects that can help you fight many health ailments. Still more research is required to study its combination with other cannabinoids.

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