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Is Doxepin unsafe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Doxepin and Pregnancy

Doxepin can be unsafe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. In animal studies the medicine has exhibited harmful effects to the foetus when used in high doses. However, doctors still recommend Doxepin during pregnancy if they feel that the benefits of the medicine are higher than the risks to the foetus in pregnant women.

If you are using Doxepin and you get pregnant, let your doctor know. Using Doxepin hydrochloride during pregnancy is not safe. A few studies reported birth defects in humans.

Animal studies have shown that when Doxepin was given during pregnancy in animals, it enhanced the risk of structural abnormalities, low weight in foetus, and low rates of survival in new born. In a few studies its has been reported that use of Doxepin during pregnancy is linked to some birth defects like cleft palate, heart defects and too many toes and fingers. This is not been confirmed in any other study.

Make sure you consult your doctor before using Doxepin during pregnancy so that your doctor can determine the benefits and risks associated with use of Doxepin in pregnancy based on your current medical condition.

Use of Doxepin during first/second trimester of pregnancy increased the rate of infant mortality.

Doxepin and Breastfeeding

Women who are using Doxepin during breastfeeding should know that the medicine can pass to their babies via breast milk. Some health problems seen in babies whose mothers used Doxepin during breastfeeding are jaundice, breathing problems, drowsiness and vomiting. If you are a nursing mother, let your doctor know so that he can guide you whether you can take this medicine or not.

Looking at the harmful effects of medicine and as the medicine secretes in breast milk, the use of Doxepin is generally not advised. As there are many other alternative medicines available to treat depression or anxiety, your doctor can suggest you trying a different medication. In other case if the symptoms of depression are quite severe; your doctor might suggest you to discontinue breastfeeding.

Talk to your doctor before taking Doxepin as each case is different and depending on your current health condition, you doctor can suggest you a better option. If your doctor prescribes you Doxepin to combat severe symptoms of depression, make sure you monitor your baby closely to check for any unusual symptoms and call the doctor immediately if you notice any unusual symptoms.

You can also choose to stop breastfeeding for a short period while you are on this medication to ensure your child’s better health. In case you can use alternative non narcotic medications to treat depression, go for it as they will not harm your baby’s health and also treat depression safely.

Even doctors recommend all natural medicines, meditation, yoga and other therapies that can help you overcome depression without taking narcotic medicines that can harm your baby.

Speak to your doctor for proper guidance and wise decision. He can examine you and suggest you a better option.

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