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Find out if using Toradol is safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Women come up with a lot of question regarding use of NSAIDs during their pregnancy or breastfeeding. This article will help you know if using Toradol is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Toradol and Pregnancy

Studies have not been conducted on Toradol during pregnancy in humans. However, some studies conducted in past on animals suggest that Toradol use can harm the foetus. Toradol can lead to complications in labour and delivery if used during pregnancy. Therefore many doctors do not recommend Toradol during pregnancy especially during the third trimester.

Since use of Toradol can have harmful effects on foetus and also can lead to complications in delivery and labour, doctors do not prescribe Toradol during pregnancy. FDA has given C category to classify Toradol. Also the medicines that are not yet studied in animals or pregnant women are given category C by FDA. If your doctor thinks that the benefits are more than the risks associated to the unborn child, he might recommend the use of Toradol during pregnancy.

If you are planning your pregnancy or you are pregnant, while you are on Toradol, let your doctor know that you are pregnant. Your doctor will help you take the right decision.

Toradol and Breastfeeding

In the past Toradol wasn’t recommended for breastfeeding mothers. It also had a black box warning to say that it is not safe for breastfeeding mothers to use Toradol. As per recent studies it has been discovered that Toradol secrets in breast milk in quite low amounts, may be too low to lead to any problems in many cases. Make sure that while breastfeeding; discuss with your doctor whether you can use Toradol.

In some cases women who undergo C-section find it necessary to use Toradol post child birth. In such cases to manage pain in such patients, Toradol is preferred as they can help the patient to get control over pain, but yes it can also result in possible side effects.

If you are using Toradol with your doctor’s prescription make sure you keep a check on your baby’s health and contact your paediatrician in case you notice any unusual symptoms.  FDA has not approved the use of Toradol in breastfeeding mothers, though American academy of paediatrics have discovered that Toradol is safe while breastfeeding.

Nursing mothers can also look out for other options to get relief from pain so that they don’t have to depend on Toradol. They can check with their doctor for alternative pain relief medications or therapy which can help them get rid of pain without affecting their baby’s health. This will help them continue with breastfeeding while they are on any other medication. If you think you can manage your pain without Toradol and using other medications, try for alternative medicines.

Some women who undergo severe pain find it essential to use Toradol, in such cases they decide to discontinue breastfeeding to avoid any harm to their baby. This helps them fight pain and take care of their baby.


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