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USANA CellSentials™

USANA’s triple-action cellular nutrition system: Core Minerals™ and Vita Antioxidant™
112 Tablets/Bottle

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The USANA Difference
Core Minerals and Vita Antioxidant work together to support vibrant health. That’s why the USANA® CellSentials™ pack contains a 28-day supply of both Core Minerals and Vita Antioxidant—essential supplements formulated to nourish, protect, and renew optimal cellular health.

Health Benefits

Formulated with patent-pending USANA InCelligence Technology® to unlock cell-communication codes with proprietary nutrient blends that activate your cells’ natural ability to protect and renew themselves*
Supplies carefully balanced levels of high-quality vitamins and antioxidants and a balanced range of highly absorbable essential minerals and trace minerals*

Provides an essential foundation of optimal nourishment plus powerful antioxidant protection and mitochondrial renewal support for the health and longevity of your cells*

The CellSentials are USANA’s flagship nutritional supplement: a combination of both the Vita Antioxidant and Core Minerals products.

The CellSentials cellular nutrition system supplies optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and more. The proprietary InCelligence Complex in Vita-Antioxidant goes beyond delivering optimal nourishment to also activate cells’ endogenous antioxidant protection and mitochondrial renewal support.*

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This unique combination delivers enhanced support for mitochondrial renewal with nutrients that target the cell-signaling pathway that initiates mitophagy, which breaks down and removes damaged mitochondria left behind in the cell after the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), or cellular energy. This helps preserve cellular efficiency for optimum cellular energy production.*

Formulated to not only prevent deficiency diseases, the CellSentials provide advanced levels of micronutrients to retain optimal health and energy levels. The CellSentials are a four-part formula that contain:

  • Essential vitamins and minerals;
  • Antioxidants;
  • Other beneficial building blocks and cofactors for the body;
  • A unique InCelligence complex that helps activate the body’s own natural defense and health mechanisms.

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