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Desipramine can treat depression and other conditions

Desipramine is used to treat depression and various other conditions. The generic name is Desipramine and brand name is Norpramin. It is a common tricyclic antidepressant, which enhances the activity of certain chemicals in brain which helps boost your mood.

Some important Information

Avoid using Desipramine if

  • You are allergic to any of the ingredient present in Desipramine.
  • You are regaining health after an heart attack
  • You are using or have used MAOI or Linezolid in past 14 days.

Get in touch with your health care provider if any of the above is applicable to you

Some medical conditions can interact with Desipramine. Discuss with your physician if you have following medical conditions like

  • If you are using any prescription/non prescription  medication, dietary supplement or herbal preparation
  • If you are pregnant or planning to conceive or a nursing mother.
  • If you have history of alcohol addiction or you consume alcohol
  • If you have a family history of irregular heartbeat or sudden death
  • If you suffer from serious allergic reactions like breathing problems, severe rash, dizziness, hives to any other tricyclic medicine.
  • If you have history of liver or kidney disease, enlarged prostate, glaucoma, problems urinating, heart problems, mood or mental problems, suicidal tendencies or thoughts, seizures, thyroid problems or a blood disease.
  • If you are about to undergo a surgery or an electroshock therapy
  • If you are using a medicine containing methylene blue or thyroid medicine.

Before you use Desipramine, read the label for instructions carefully. Take Desipramine orally without food or with food. If you are shifting from fluoxetine to Desipramine, you may have to stop taking fluoxetine for at least 5 weeks before you start using Desipramine. Check with your doctor in case you have any questions.

You can reduce daytime drowsiness by taking Desipramine at bedtime. You can speak to your health care provider to check if this is possible. If you miss a dose of Desipramine, take the missed dose as soon as possible and if you think it is the time for your next dose, then skip the dose you missed and get back to your normal dosing schedule. Avoid taking 2 doses at one time.

Speak to your doctor to know the right way to use Desipramine.

Is Desipramine addictive?      

If you are on a regular dose of Desipramine for a long term, do not stop taking Desipramine suddenly as it can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Though not addictive, using Desipramine when stopped suddenly can cause malaise, headache, and nausea. So before you decide on stopping the medicine speak to your doctor so that he can help you reduce the dose gradually and help you stop taking drug over a period of weeks/months safely.

The withdrawal symptoms can be bothersome and to avoid these withdrawal symptoms do not stop the medication suddenly. Desipramine can help treat depression if used the right way as per your doctor’s prescription and guidance. For any doubts, consult your physician.

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