Respiratory system- Holistic and Medical Approach

Today there are many healing techniques available for various illnesses. Some people used traditional methods to treat problems which took many years whereas many people are now moving to recently invented alternative methods to treat many diseases.

If cold virus attacks the normal function of your body, it might lead to complicated breathing diseases that might halt your daily activities. For example, breathing allergy which occurs when you get irritation while going close to things containing allergens. You need to determine to things that you are allergic to. Basically people suffering from respiratory allergies are quite allergic to do, cat hair; pollen grains etc., people suffering from respiratory allergies must take extra precautions as allergy can attack anytime time upon getting exposed to allergens.

Asthma is a type of respiratory diseases and over exertion and stress can trigger asthma. In other cases asthma is also linked to allergies and get aggravated because of allergens. Asthma leads to breathlessness, persistent sneezing and coughing. Another respiratory disease is Bronchitis, which is affecting many people and it affects people who smoke or live near areas where there is a lot of pollution. It is a disorder that can disturb your day to day life.

As mentioned above respiratory disease can cause discomfort for your body. That’s why it needs to be treated and also you should know how to deal with the disease to live a normal life. There are many treatment approaches available to treat respiratory illness. Some people prefer conventional methods that are proven whereas some people opt for holistic therapies too.

Conventional medicine works on diagnosing the respiratory disease based on your symptoms which takes place. It relieves the symptoms and finds the cause of your illness and then treats it. Another treatment called holistic therapy differs completely form medical approach. Many people have experienced that holistic therapy works great in treating different types of respiratory disorders. Rather than targeting just the signs and symptoms of a patient, holistic treatments work towards improvement of whole body of a patient.

Some people also approach homeopathy to treat respiratory problems like respiratory infections. They claim that homeopathy brought a remarkable improvement in their lives. Homeopathy targets the root cause of the problem and helps resolving the problem. The treatment is very gentle and fast that you can get hopes of getting rid of the problem easily.

If your immunity is strong there are less chances of having respiratory problems. Diseases or disorders related to respiratory system are complicated and needs timely treatment to avoid further complications. Respiratory system is very important as it helps in normal breathing any disturbance related to breathing can be severe. The system is related to tissues, organs and lungs so every organ included in our respiratory system is important and needs normal functioning to keep our body strong and fight virus attack.

If you notice any symptoms related to breathing or problem in respiratory system, speak to your doctor as early detection can help you cure the problem.

Learning Uses of Our Respiratory System

Well, it is natural that well take our respiratory system for granted. We know the fact that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. The main role of respiratory therapist is to make people aware of the uses and importance of respiratory system. It is important for respiratory therapist to help people get information about respiratory system so that they take good care of their respiratory system.


The reason for inhalation is to fill our lungs with air. This helps in removing the irritants or dirt that can affect the nasal passage. The air inhaled also helps us in distributing blood throughout our body. This is the process where oxygen is supplied to different body parts particularly to our heart.


When we breathe out or exhale means that the oxygen is already used by us. This has now become carbon dioxide that our body doesn’t need. The process of inhalation and exhalation go hand in hand and that is the main use of respiratory system. The respiratory therapist can explain you that this process may seem to be simple, but when any blockage appears that disturbs these two processes, it means the person is in trouble.


Vocalization means the ability of a person to make sound or speak.  The vibration takes place when air passes through pharynx and larynx. This helps us to be heard and speak. This ability is important as if it doesn’t work we cannot make any sound or cannot speak.

There are many factors that can disturb our respiratory system like allergens, common cold and environmental factors. We also create threat to our respiratory system on our own by smog or smoking. Smog though can be because of environmental factors as well at times. Some medical conditions also lead to distress in respiratory system like heart failure, asthma, pulmonary embolism, chronic bronchitis etc.,

Obstructed airway can also affect our respiratory system. There can be different reasons causing airway obstructions like through foreign objects like fluids like blood or vomit or food items. The obstructions should be removed to make airway normal.

Respiratory distress can be detected by assessing the symptoms and signs like difficulty in process of breathing can be easily detected by watching the rise and fall in patient’s chest and overall appearance of the patient turns blue. Other means for checking are through stethoscope and saturation readings of oxygen.

Our respiratory system is very important as process of normal breathing should go on for a normal life and any distress regarding respiratory system can lead to problems that can be fatal so if you feel anyone you know is not able to breathe properly, then ask for medical help immediately. There are many solutions to help the patient breathe normally once he/she gets medical help

Any problem related to respiratory system should be treated immediately as it is crucial and can be life threatening. Within no time the body can stop responding if the respiratory system doesn’t function properly so you can save someone’s life by giving them medical aid on time.

How Air Pollutants adversely Affect Respiratory System?

Physical and Mental health of a person depend on effectiveness of cells in their body that derive high level of energy from various chemical reactions that happens in presence of oxygen. The consequential waste product is the carbon dioxide. Respiratory system offers the routes through which oxygen gets in your body and excretes carbon dioxide. Blood is a transport system for exchanging these gases between your lungs and body cells.

Effect of Air Pollution on Respiratory System

Poor quality of air widely affects health of a person.  The utmost effect generally comes to cardiovascular system and even to your respiratory system. Though, reaction of individual for air pollutants mainly depends on the kind of the pollutants where the person is mainly exposed to, degree of exposure to these pollutants, status of health of an individual and their genetics.

A person who does most outdoor activities will likely get exposed toward air pollutants. The cloudy and hot days will also increase exposure to air pollution. It may also lead to various health problems like biological and physiological changes that may lead to difficulty while breathing, wheezing, coughing and even aggravation to recent respiratory and cardiac conditions.

How does Air pollution affect respiratory system?

The highly affected health because of prolong exposure to air pollution is respiratory system. However, Lungs and various respiratory systems also directly deal to breathing of air. The vital particle that is available in air is oxygen. Though, apart from oxygen, air even contains other harmful pollutants. The human respiratory system is quite sensitive to pollutants as it is created with exposed membrane and Lungs are also structured to hold huge capacity of the air to deliver oxygen through proper circulation of blood.

Harmful Pollutants in air:

There are various harmful pollutants in air like ozone, metals and other free radicals that may directly injure tissue cells present in your lungs. Ozone is also quite harmful to alveoli where carbon dioxide and oxygen is exchanged. The airway tissues having rich bioactivation enzymes also convert organic pollutants to reactive metabolites. This might also lead to lung injury.

Lung tissue comprises of plentiful supply of blood that bring the toxic substances for metabolites of the remote organs. To respond back to these toxic contaminants, cells of lung release different chemical mediators that can possibly affect the functioning of another organ together with cardiovascular system. Moreover, it can potentially also lead to lung inflammation and can also spoil functioning of lung.

Breathing problem and respiratory system

Breathing belongs to instinctive reflexes of your body. It is certainly an achievement for take every single breath for people who have respiratory problems. Respiratory system not just supply oxygen to body cell but it also removes waste in your body, offers requisite air for the speech, and also filter various contagious agents.

Every person is susceptible to breathing problems particularly when you travel from one place to other. There are different pollutants in air like such as carbon monoxide which is released by vehicles. Every time when people inhale, there are many air particles that disfigure your lungs. This means that you inhale more toxins rather than people who actually smoke.

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