How to cope with cancer pain?

Patients suffering from cancer in its advance stage often complain about pain as their primary problem. With progress in treatments of cancer, the treatments have manage to prolong the chances of survival in cancer patient, still cancer pain still exists in cancer patients.

Well, many patients who die because of cancer die without enough pain relief. There are advanced tools available to relieve pain like taking strong opiates, but many medical practitioners are concerned about patients getting addicted to narcotics in order to treat pain. Again other than treatment of pain through narcotics some other attitudinal and cultural barriers, lack of knowledge in health professionals also contribute to cancer pain being untreated.

Cancer pain is often classified depending upon the quality and duration of pain. Duration of pain can be categorized as acute cancer pain or chronic cancer pain. Experiencing depression, anxiety, apprehension is quite common among cancer patients. The common types of cancer pain are as below

Acute cancer pain

Chronic cancer pain

Pain not related to cancer

Pain in cancer patients who are opiod tolerant

Extremity of life pain

After evaluating both physical and medical history, any pain physician can customize suitable program for pain treatment. As the response to related therapies and medications in every person differs, there are different types of drugs used along with pain relievers. They include antidepressants, anticonvulsants and anti-inflammatory (steroids)

Doctor can prescribe some antidepressants to relieve particular types of pain, which doesn’t mean that the individual is under depression. Similarly steroids help relieving pain related to inflammation.

Therapies available these days help control cancer pain. Pain treatments are available in wider range like from mild and nonprescription pain to prescription medications, which are stronger to neurological study to therapies (alternative) like biofeedback, relaxation, acupuncture and guided imagery.

Pain specialist and oncologist can design a cancer pain treatment program depending upon the severity and type of pain, its side effects and how the cancer patient responds to cancer pain treatment. There are many patients who suffer from cancer pain; still they are scared of drug abuse. When the medications for cancer pain are given, they should be taken as prescribed by the doctor and the way patient can avoid getting addicted to the medications.

Asking your doctor about the right use of the medications is necessary. Many patients need the medicines for pain for the time till the root cause of the cancer pain vanishes because of other treatments like radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery. The doctor gradually reduces the dosage of the medicine before stopping the medicines completely. This is done in order to enable the body adjust the changes. In some cases the patients need to use medicines in long run, but the patients shouldn’t feel like they are getting addicted.

An oncologist can help you know the right medicines to relieve cancer pain and the pain relief program that the pain physician and oncologist create for you can help you overcome cancer pain easily and after all will power wins isn’t?

Best Ways to get rid of Cancer Pain

Are you aware of the fact that certain type of cancer pain can be controlled and eradicated permanently? Many patients suffering from cancer undergo mental and physical discomfort because the combination of chemotherapy and drugs makes their body very weak and this leads to severe pain. There are a plenty of alternative or traditional methods available to combat pain.

Cancer pain can be acute as well as chronic. Depending on the severity of the condition, there are many simple tips that can help eliminate pain.

  • If you are suffering from cancer pain (acute), you must speak to your physician who can prescribe certain medicines to reduce the pain. Depending on stage of cancer treatment and severity of the diseases, the pain level can differ. Many patients opt for injections to cure this condition. The best option to feel soothing effect on swollen areas and reduce pain is applying aloe Vera on the areas that are affected.
  • Cancer pain doesn’t occur only due to physical conditions, but there are also mental reasons that are linked with cancer. It is recommended that you try massaging therapy to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Exercises are proven and highly effective method in pain management as the body is relaxed when endorphins are released during the exercise.
  • Techniques related to stress management and meditation are also highly effective in treating pain in cancer patients. Many patients also go through anxiety and depression for which mediation works really well and helps reducing stress that is associated with pain.
  • Identification of the causes that lead to pain can help reducing the pain easily. Alternative pain management forms is an ideal option as there are a lot of side effects associated with prescribed medicines. You can also become drug dependent and thus leading to harm than doing good.

There are many alternative therapy and treatments for cancer patients and most work well for reducing the levels of stress. Breathing exercises, meditation, aromatherapy, and massage can help control the higher stress levels. Quality sleep along with regular exercise is best natural remedy to fight the sensations that you feel due to cancer pain.

You can also find clinics that work towards pain management for patients suffering from cancer. Some patients experience dull pain in muscles and bones while others face sharp and tingling pain in nerve. Many experience pain in colon, stomach, which creates problem in eating. The clinics offering pain management therapies design a proper pain management program that suits each patient’s symptoms.

Make sure the physicians at pain management clinics are experienced and professional. Make sure they specialize in type of cancer pain that you suffer from. It might happen that you aren’t able to take medications and in such conditions pain management techniques can help you combat pain.

You can fight cancer pain by selecting the right type of treatment, experienced physician and reputed clinic. Cancer affects the quality of your life but with positive approach you can certainly fight it.