How to choose the Anti-Aging Cream that suits you

As we grow old the process of skin renewal takes place slowly as compared to when we are young because of natural proteins and collagen production that is responsible for providing firmness to our skin starts depleting causing wrinkles and dehydration of your skin.

When you are at the stage when your age is 30/40, using just a moisturizer isn’t enough and you need to start with anti-aging cream to slow aging signs. Fortunately there are plenty of anti-aging products available for different skin types and ages that cater to different needs as well.

There are serums, creams for area around your eyes, face, neck, hands and wrinkle creams as well.

Here are some advantages of anti-aging creams

  • Helps rebuilding texture of skin
  • Stimulated production of elastin and collagen
  • Nourish and moisturize the skin
  • Firm and strengthen the  skin
  • Reduce and eliminate wrinkles
  • Gives youthful glow and brightness to the skin
  • Prevents new wrinkles
  • Neutralize and check free radicals
  • Satisfies wrinkles
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Redefine skin on the neck and cheeks

How to choose the right anti-aging cream for your face

Today, a lot of anti-aging creams are designed for different skin problems like for dark circles, crow’s feet, fine lines around your mouth etc.

There are various anti-aging creams for neckline, neck and hands. There are anti-wrinkle creams for all skin types like dry, sensitive and fat. While choosing the right anti-aging product look for the components that the product contains to better judge the product.

It is also important to choose the anti-aging cream that is suitable for your needs and skin type. If you have a lot of wrinkles around eyes, consider purchasing an anti-aging cream made for eyes that also treats dark circles around your eyes and crow’s feet as well.

While selecting anti-aging cream makes sure the cream you select isn’t very greasy as it can clog the skin pores    and lead to problems when left overnight. It is also very important to check if the product you select offers SPF (sun protection) of at least more than 15 so that the anti-aging product helps protecting your skin from sun rays that can be harmful to your skin and causes premature aging of your skin.

Most of the anti-aging products available today comprise of antioxidants and it neutralize the free radicals which with prolonged sun exposure can lead to serious problems of skin. Some of the common components that anti-aging creams consists of are

Vitamin A which is a powerful antioxidant, that helps in neutralizing free radicals that can lead to premature aging. Retinol is again called as vitamin A. vitamin A is used in most anti-aging creams, toner and serums. It helps reducing wrinkles, skin discoloration, and fine lines and promotes production of collagen. Vitamin A is also helpful in minimizing the damage caused to the skin due to sun exposure and also tightens pores.

Kenitine a natural component helps the skin in retaining natural moisturizer and promotes production of skin collagen.

The Perfect Solution for Anti-Aging

The skin care field for anti-aging has boomed, with various new products being presented to market on the feels like on regular basis. It has also resulted in what known as “skin care overload.” Many People are also confused and overwhelmed by uncountable number of the ingredients that are said to be important for anti-aging. This has now become quite much impossible to access as well as to apply the fraction of such ingredients because of the time and the cost involved. We also feel quite compelled to purchase multiple products each month and then layer them to do most for the skin care. But, since we fill the medicine cabinets with serums and creams, we are also faced with daily questions about what shall we use, what is safe and what really work?

It’s been long overdue that different categories of anti-aging and their ingredients be categorized and ordered so that the most comprehensive approach for anti-aging might be put in proper place. Firstly, there are several features available for skin aging and usually people will show some additional features over the time, but this might also differ in features of skin aging. For instance, people develop sagging and laxity in your skin because of the genetic factors, but might also have no such sun damage. However, others may also be covered with the sun spots but may have no wrinkling or sagging.

Below mentioned is the authenticated classification scheme that allows every clinical feature related to skin aging to get separately assessed on the grading scale of 4-point such as mild, modest, advanced and severe:

Grouping of Skin Aging:

  •        Sagging
  •        Redness
  •        Wrinkles
  •        Brown bruising
  •        Solar elastosis also known as Yellowing
  •        Uneven texture

The classification scheme of the skin aging consist of severity scale as specific above such as 0=none, second is 1=Mild, third is 2=Moderate, fourth is 3=Advanced, as well as fifth is 4=Severe that allows the researchers and users to usually rank the individual person of skin aging that feature severity. Such scale was also shown to be highly useful for testing the anti-aging treatments that is also published.

Every individual might differ with the fact in which category of anti-aging that they require most, yet to prevent as reverse for all signs of the skin aging; it is yet optimal for entire categories to remain covered through the anti-aging regimen. Certainly, it is quite important to always familiarize yourself with the ingredients that fall in every such category, so you can also incorporate different group into the skin regimen, or you can also look for the product which covers the different categories related to anti-aging in the most logical way. The key active ingredients that is shown to yield great result in every category include: peptides exclusively for anti-wrinkles, the polyphenols derived from plants and bisabolol for the purpose of anti-redness, amino acids meant for anti-brown discolorations, ferulic acid usually for the anti-oxidant, vitamins C, vitamins E, the molecules of DNA repair such as proline of DNA defense.

New Anti-aging skin care formula that works

The two products launched by Ageloc are Ageloc Me and Ageloc Youth. Ageloc Me is a unique skin care system with anti-aging properties and provides skin care regime for every individual according to their respective preferences. Ageloc Youth is the second advanced anti-aging skin care supplement offered by Nu skin, which helps in revitalizing aging mechanism of defense of our body and promotes healthy aging.

Combination of the two new products mentioned above represent’s unique balance of nutrition and skin care in order to provide the customers the right anti-aging formula.

Ageloc Me

Ageloc Me has Nu skin’s advanced technology snit-aging skin care along with a device for smart delivery and a customized skin care regimen that can help you take care of your skin on a daily basis. The assessment is app-based takes care of your needs related to skin care, personal preference, environmental factors and helps determining product set that suits your needs almost with 2000 combinations available.

Each regime made to be used during the day and night is designed to manage time, track usage in order to promote efficient application, reduce complexity and give effective results. Many customers felt that Ageloc Me made it easier for them to follow a daily skin care routine.

Customers are given easy access to the daily skin care regime through a one smart device, which is very easy to use.

AgeLOC Youth

Ageloc Youth is Nu skin’s supplement that helps enhance the natural ability of our body to fight aging. Most of the ingredients present in the supplement are come from foods that aren’t normally found in day to day diet. These ingredients are selected carefully keeping in mind their benefits for health and their ability to leave a positive impact on gene expression. The results is amazing as it leaves a wide range of benefits that fight anti-aging and support various functions and structures in our body like skin, metabolic, bone, cellular brain, heart and joint health.

Its capsules helps both solids and liquids come together and delivered in form of capsule with hard shell, resulting in reduced packaging, bioavailability and less number of capsules for consumption. Ageloc Youth is bringing in the concept and relationship between of gene expression, nutrition and antioxidants. Understanding the gene expression in skin aging help the research and development department to select the right ingredients to help our body fight aging and remain healthy and energetic.

Nu skin takes launched these two products not only with the idea of helping their customers fight aging, but also take care of overall health so that the customers stay healthy by all means. The essential ingredients present in the products are as a result of hard work and intelligence that the research and development team has put in to deliver the best.

Everyone loves to live in a healthy skin and we can achieve the dream not only by staying healthy from out but also having a healthy body, which in turn gives healthy looking skin.

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