Natural pain killers that help you get back to normal health

We all suffer from aches or pains, sometime or the other and first thing that comes to our mind is to rush to the medical store to buy OTC pain killers. However, some healing ingredients are present in your kitchen itself. Natural spices and herbs help a lot in providing relief from pain in case of muscle strains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, without leaving side effects like OTC medications.

Let us have a look at some food ingredients that have anti-inflammatory benefits and you must add to your meals for getting relief from pain naturally.

Aquamin- Osteoarthritis pain and inflammation

This natural supplement with multi minerals is extracted from seaweed is high in magnesium and calcium, which can reduce inflammation related to knee-joint. Studies also say that aquamin helps reducing joint stiffness and inflammation caused due to osteoarthritis in your knee. People suffering from arthritis who use aquamin experience arthritis reduction by almost 20 per cent within one month and also reduced stiffness.


Oats play an important role in easing your menstrual cramps and also bring relief in case of endometriosis.


Blueberries help treating urinary infections. Eating blueberries can help you prevent bladder infections, peptic ulcers and digestive discomfort.

Bromelain- muscle soreness, nose, osteoarthritis and sinuses

This enzyme which is anti-inflammatory is found in pineapple stem and pineapple juice is basically used to lessen swelling of sinuses and nose after injury and surgery. It reduces the inflammation allowing your body to yield substances that fight swelling and pain.

Natural pain killers are always safe as medical painkillers blocks message from the part which is painful to your brain. It can cause harm to your liver as it contains toxins.  Natural pain killers target the root cause and starts healing the pain. Again looking at the situation you need to take decision on whether to go for medical pain killers or natural pain killers. If the pain is quite severe you need medical painkillers.

Natural pain killers also don’t lead to any side effects and that is the reason most people are switching to natural pain killers. Again if you are using natural pain killers, you also need to remember if you are using any other prescription drug that can interact with natural pain killers.

If you have some headaches that you experience regularly you can use natural pain killers and there are many natural pain relievers for treating osteoarthritis and arthritis pain. Natural pain killers provide relief from almost all types of pain, depending on severity and type of pain you are suffering from.

Natural painkillers available in the form of spray can help as an alternative treatment for your shoulder, back, arms, feet pain. It helps relaxing muscles and blood vessels to provide relief in pain naturally. Some oils used as natural pain killers not only relieve pain, but also lets you relax you soul and body and it also helps you feel fresh and better.

Treating pain naturally works and do not leave any negative impact on your health.

Natural Pain Killers for your Joint Pain!

The Natural products for joint pain relief focus on the healing for long term but they may be a bit slower to work, these are certainly reliable solution. Flax seed, in the liquid or in the powder form are fortified with additional nutrition, is the renowned and famous nutritional supplement which offer an extensive variety of the health benefits that includes natural relief from joint pain. Benefits of the flax seed oil even include their ability to reduce the cholesterol level naturally. There are various natural supplements available for relief from joint pain on market these days. You might even be surprised to understand that various natural remedies can be really effective if it is not more than the prescription and also over-the-counter as well as anti-inflammatory drugs that might be consider as better solution for people that suffer from the incapacitating joint pain, inflammation of osteoarthritis, swelling as well as gout and rheumatoid arthritis.

Proper Diet:

Diets that is high in green vegetables, fresh fruits and glucosamine all work to keep the joints free from pain. As many of us do not take an adequate diet, however taking the multivitamin supplement is also a great way to ensure that we are getting exactly what we require for great health. The diet is also more vital that you might even think. Inflammation may also happen with age, free radicals, dietary conditions, stress and other insults that may stiffen the cell membranes. Moreover, studies have even shown that the diet which is high in the protein is known to important for the healthy joints. For quite long time, the doctors have also doubted that there can be any kind of link between osteoarthritis and diet. The healthy diet that is rich in the vegetables and fruits has been suggested by the nutritionists for several years. The diet of heart healthy is particularly significant to patients through rheumatoid arthritis like the studies that have even shown the link between heart failure and this disease.

Proper Exercise

Even though it usually seems to be contradictory to suggest exercise for the aching joints, researches have shown that proper exercise is an important tool for the joint pain relief. However, the exercises with Low impact like stretching exercises, walking, and swimming, low impact aerobics with the range of some motion exercises might even reduce the joint pain and stiffness during regular joint mobility. Moreover, exercise also increases the flexibility and strength, endurance, toning of the muscles, even wards off some health problems, that assist to control the weight, decreases the level of depression and enhances the level of energy. It is true that exercise keeps the muscles to be strong around the affected joints, reduces the bone loss and also helps to control the pain in joint swelling. Exercise will reduce the level of stiffness, enhances the flow of blood, and helps in weight loss that takes complete stress off your joints.

The Natural relief from joint pain can take various forms and it is famous method to alleviate pain, particularly during the arthritis pain.

Natural Pain Killers to relieve pain

Pain is so agonizing and it makes you feel restless and helpless, no matter the reason and nature of pain is whether it is mild or severe, it hurts and disturbs your routine. Just popping a pharmaceutical drug won’t helps as for the temporary relief you might get permanent side effects too. If you are not using prescribed drugs for pain frequently then it might work but if you need it frequently, then natural painkillers can help relieve the pain.

Massage – massage the affected area firmly and gently. Massage helps ease down the pain by application of pressure on your nerve endings, releasing enkephalins and endorphines – the natural pain killers of our body helps improving stretching muscles, blood circulation and reducing hormone levels that cause stress.

Relaxation, Imagery and Distraction- focus on your heart beat’s rhythm (your breath); imagine that you are in a serene or peaceful place, watch your favorite movie, read any book that you like, listen to music that smoothens you, do yoga, meditate, go for a walk in a quiet place close to nature. Stress is the major cause of your pain and distracting or relaxing yourself helps you get rid of stress and in turn pain.

Positions and exercises- try stretching exercise that are gentle – for pain related to arthritis in fingers or hands, bring your hand into your palm gently as much as you can and then release. Also try to rotate your one arm in a circular motion (full circle) and then switch to other hand and do the same. This exercise helps you get rid of pain in your legs. If possible you can try some yoga postures but under the supervision of trained yoga professional and this also helps relieving pain. Another natural pain killer method is lie down on the floor and keep your feet and legs on the chair, this also helps ease down the pain.

Heat & Cold- this therapy known as heat and cold certainly helps relieving pain temporarily. Apply heat- use heating pads if possible. You can also use mitts or hot towels. You can also try hot shower as it can be quite relaxing. You can also use cold compresses, putting ice cubes in a plastic bag or towel or cold packs. Do not use any of these therapies for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Herbal supplements- using vitamin B and Vitamin E is very helpful as they are best and effective natural pain killers. Try to add ginger in your daily food. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Shallaki/ Boswellia are a well known Ayurvedic herb that has shown benefits like anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory and anti-atherosclerotic. There are many such which can show amazing affect in killing pain in case of back pain, joint conditions, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis and arthritis.

You can rely on natural pain killers as they are not going to harm you in anyways. Also you can try the above natural painkillers on your own and get rid of pain.

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