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Call your doctor immediately to treat Desipramine side effects

Depression results in disturbed life and to fight depression, you often think of using antidepressants as they give you desired results. Along with expected results you tend to get many side effects that you are not aware of and might treat ignore those side effects. These side effects can be mild to severe and for long lasting side effects you need medical treatment. Let us learn about Desipramine side effects that need immediate medical attention.

Major side effects – Desipramine

You should contact your doctor immediately in case you notice any of these side effects

Occurrence not known

  • tarry and black stools
  • anxiety
  • stomach and abdominal pain
  • chest discomfort or pain
  • double or blurred vision
  • convulsions
  • dark urine
  • hoarseness or cough
  • confusion about time, place or identity
  • fainting
  • dry mouth
  • speech problem
  • appetite loss
  • loss of control over bladder
  • nightmares
  • nausea
  • difficult or painful urination
  • rash
  • restlessness
  • slow speech
  • fever or sore throat
  • unsteady walk or shakiness
  • swelling
  • sweating
  • trouble sleeping
  • unusual bruising or bleeding
  • unusual weakness or tiredness
  • vomiting
  • pounding, racing, irregular or fast pulse or heartbeat
  • irritability
  • muscle spasms
  • inability to move facial, arms or leg muscles
  • faintness, light-headedness, dizziness when rising suddenly from a sitting or lying position
  • yellow skin or eyes


Minor side effects- Desipramine

You don’t need to worry about some minor side effects of Desipramine as they don’t need medical attention and go away with time. As your body gets used to the medication, these side effects disappear with time. If the side effects continue to last for a longer period, you need to seek medical help immediately.

Occurrence not known

  • decreased urination
  • bloating
  • stomach or abdominal cramps
  • constipation
  • dribbling
  • hair thinning or hair loss
  • erection problems
  • painful urination
  • inflammation or swelling of mouth
  • loss in sexual drive, desire, ability or performance
  • breast soreness or swelling of breast in both males and females
  • sensitivity to light
  • decreased interest in sex(intercourse)
  • increased interest in sex(intercourse)
  • excess or unexpected flow of milk from breasts in females

Symptoms of Desipramine overdose

  • dry mouth
  • hallucination
  • coma
  • convulsions
  • irregular or rapid heartbeat
  • stupor
  • shock
  • restlessness
  • vomiting
  • urinary hesitancy
  • coma
  • dilated pupils
  • drowsiness
  • uncoordinated movements
  • muscle rigidity

The above mentioned side effects need immediate treatments so if you notice the symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. In case of overdose, call poison control centre immediately so that the person can get appropriate treatment on time.

You can discuss with your doctor about related side effects of Desipramine so that you can monitor the symptoms and get immediate medical help. Do not ignore the side effects as they can be fatal too. Receiving medical treatment on time can save your life.

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