Wash Your Hair Everyday

Top 8 Reasons to Wash Your Hair Everyday

It is necessary to keep your hair clean. But how often you wash your hair can be determined by your hair type. The scalp produces sebum, which conditions your hair. The sebum can be also dangerous to your hair when it builds up on your scalp. It can lead to a greasy look or act as food for microorganisms whose action can lead to dandruff or even cause hair loss in extreme cases. Frequent washing is associated to stripping off your natural oils and making it frizzy. However, some hair types need to be washed on daily basis to prevent them from being greasy. Going for long without washing your hair can make it smelly, lackluster or even worse than that. Wash your hair daily if:

1. You have dandruff

Dandruff is a layer of dead skin cells that clump up and fall off on your scalp. Sometimes it can lead to itchiness making you feel uncomfortable. Shampooing your hair on daily basis will help to clear the flakes and dead cells thus keeping dandruff at bay.

2. You have an oily scalp

Daily shampooing strips off natural oils from your hair scalp. However, if you have an oil scalp, it is important to wash your hair on daily basis to remove the excess oil. Too oily scalp can nourish fungus that can lead to seborrhea. This condition leads to an itchy, patchy, and scaly scalp. According to hair care tips for women, some shampoos are designed to remove sebum and dead cells from the scalp surface. Ensure that you change your shampoo frequently.

3. You have thin and fine hair

Hair strands of this type of hair texture tend to get greasy fast. This is because oils moves down to your locks easily from your scalp leading to the greasy appearance. Washing it will keep it grease-free. Curlier hair, on the other hand, keeps the natural oils close to the scalp; they lack a straight path to reach to the ends.

4. You work out daily

Working out on daily basis makes you sweat daily. This can contribute greatly to oil buildups on your scalp creating a good environment for the fungus. This can lead to various infections and skin problems. Sweating makes your hair to be tangled and smelly. If you sweat a lot, it is important to wash your hair daily to keep your scalp healthy.

5. Your hair is pin straight

This type of hair allows your natural oils to move easily from the scalp to the ends. This gives them a greasy look. Shampooing your hair on daily basis gives it a dryer look leaving it free from the natural oils especially on the ends.

6. You want your hair to grow

Washing your hair more frequently will get your hair to grow. Dead hair follicles can hinder the growth of your hair. Washing your hair will help to remove the dead cells giving a room for the growth of new healthy cells. As a result, your hair growth is stimulated.

7. You live in a very humid climate

If you live in a humid climate and you sweat a lot, you might consider washing your hair on daily basis. Humid climate can lead to an excess buildup of oil on your hair scalp. Oil buildups create a room for fungal infections. Shampooing your hair sets it free from the infections and dandruff.

8. Your preference

You can wash your hair on a daily basis if you prefer to do that. Some people like it when their hair is clean throughout, and since you are the one to live with your hair then wash it. It is ideal to wash your hair as you do to your skin. Your hair is exposed to dirt on daily basis. One of the basic hair care tips for women is to always keep the hair clean and moisturized. After cleaning your hair apply a moisturizer while it is still dumped to allow it to absorb effectively.


Frequent washing can be healthy for your hair. It keeps it clean, fresh and with a natural glow. Ensure that you use warm water to wash your hair and good quality hair products. Avoid shampoos with harsh ingredients as they may cause harm to your hair. Avoid those that can lead to allergic reactions or even make your hair to produce excess oil or dry up. This will help to always keep your hair clean and healthy throughout. Cleaning your hair frequently is a basic hygiene practice everyone should embrace. Clean scalp forms the basis of a healthy hair.

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