Taking Trimipramine during pregnancy or breastfeeding…Is it safe?

Taking any antidepressants during pregnancy or breastfeeding is certainly going to result in some adverse effects on your baby’s health. Doctors do not recommend antidepressants during pregnancy or breastfeeding until and unless the patient needs it badly.

Sometimes women often face serious problems when it comes to depression and to fight depression they need antidepressant like Trimipramine to get desired effects. In such cases doctors determine the benefits and risks of using Trimipramine during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Trimipramine and pregnancy

Animal studies report high risk of embrotoxicity or increased risks of major abnormalities. Still there is no sufficient data available in case of humans. Animal studies report harmful effects on foetus. Trimipramine should be used in pregnancy only if your doctor believes that the benefits are higher than the risks. Withdrawal symptoms, agitation and respiratory depression have been seen in neonates whose mothers had used this medication during the last three months of the pregnancy.

According to the studies and opinions that come from different doctors, use of antidepressant in pregnancy is not safe and can lead to congenital malformations in babies. Though the safety of Trimipramine has still not been generated, but the medication is not recommended in pregnant woman especially in first and third trimester of their pregnancy. Make sure you inform your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to conceive while you are on Trimipramine.

Trimipramine and breastfeeding

There is no data available which supports whether Trimipramine is safe or not during breastfeeding. If you are using this drug during breastfeeding, talk to your doctor to know the possible risks and benefits to your child. The manufacturers of Trimipramine do not make any recommendation regarding Trimipramine use during breastfeeding.

There no evidences available that speak about whether the drug is secreted in breast milk or not. Looking at the possible side effects of Trimipramine, it is better to avoid using Trimipramine during breastfeeding as you are not aware of how it is going to affect your baby’s health. If you feel you need Trimipramine to fight depression, talk to your doctor as he might suggest you low doses of Trimipramine so that you can use the drug safely.

Many woman using Trimipramine often choose to discontinue Trimipramine during breastfeeding while many others discontinue breastfeeding while using Trimipramine. You care for your baby and do not want to harm your baby isn’t? You can also check with your doctor for alternative medicines that can help you treat depression effectively without using narcotic drugs. You can also switch to yoga, meditation and other exercise that can treat depression naturally.

Using any antidepressant can have its adverse effects so try going natural and opting for natural medicines or options for treating depression. They do work and you can also continue nursing your baby without worrying about the side effects of Trimipramine. Since there is no evidence available that describes use of Trimipramine in case of breastfeeding or pregnancy, try if you can avoid using the medicine for a period of time you are nursing your baby.

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