Some important and safety information about Protriptyline

Protriptyline is basically used to treat depression. It can also be used to treat other health ailments as recommended by the doctor. It is a tricyclic antidepressant which works by enhancing the action of certain chemicals present in the brain that helps boost your mood.

Avoid using Protriptyline if

  1. you are allergic to any of the ingredients present in Protriptyline or to similar drugs
  2. you have used linezolid, furazolidone or MAO in last 14 days
  3. you are regaining health after a recent heart attack
  4. you are using cisapride

Speak to your doctor if the above mentioned things are applicable to you.

Remember the following points before you use Protriptyline

Some medicals conditions can interact with Protriptyline. Inform your doctor if you are suffering from any medical conditions especially

  • if you are planning to conceive or you are pregnant and also if you are a nursing mother
  • If you are allergic to certain substances, food or medicines.
  • if you are using any prescription/non prescription, dietary supplement or herbal preparation
  • if you consume beverages containing alcohol or have a history of alcohol addiction
  • if you use thyroid medicine or had a overactive thyroid in the past, heart problems, liver or kidney problems, glaucoma, seizures, porphyria, diabetes, , difficulty in urinating or enlarged prostate.
  • If you are using a medicine that comprises of methylene blue.
  • If you have bipolar disorder, suicidal behaviour or thoughts or any other mood or mental disorder.
  • If any surgery is scheduled or you had undergone electroshock therapy.

Safety Information

  • Diabetic patients should be extra careful while using Protriptyline as it can influence their blood sugar levels.  Monitor your blood sugar level regularly. Check with your doctor before changing the dose of your diabetic medication.
  • Protriptyline can also increase the skin sensitivity to the sun. Avoid exposure to sunlamps, sunlight, tanning booths till the time you know how your body responds to Protriptyline. If you need to go outside for a long duration, use protective clothing or sunscreen.
  • Protriptyline should be used very carefully in elderly patients as they are quite sensitive to Protriptyline effects like irregular heartbeat, confusion and fluctuations in blood pressure.
  • In case of children the medicine should be used with extra caution as its efficacy in children is not confirmed yet.
  • While using Protriptyline, certain lab test can be carried out like blood cell counts. These tests can be used to check for any side effects that might occur and also to monitor your medical condition.
  • Some people also tend to develop eye problems while using Protriptyline. Your doctor will examine your eye to check for any possible risks. Contact your doctor in case you experience vision changes, eye pain, redness or swelling around your eyes.

Is Protriptyline addictive?

No. It is not addictive, but possible withdrawal symptoms can be seen if Protriptyline is stopped suddenly after a long term treatment like headache, malaise and nausea.

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