Protriptyline dosage adjustments for maximum benefits

Protriptyline should be started with a low dosage and increased slowly considering the indication of intolerance and clinical response.

Normal Adult Dosage

15-40mg/day in split of 3-4 doses and if required dosage can be increased to 60mg/day

Dosage exceeding the above limit is strictly not recommended. Dose increment should be done in morning dose.

Elderly patients and Adolescents

Generally low doses are prescribed for this section.

Initial dose

5mg – 3 times/day and can be increased slowly if required. In case of elderly patients cardiovascular system should be monitored regularly if the dose exceeds 25mg

When satisfactory results are achieved, the dosage can be reduced to low dosages that can manage relief of symptoms.

Adverse conditions that are quite minor need dosage reduction. Adverse conditions that are quite major or indicate hypersensitivity require immediate halt of the drug.

While using Protriptyline you should read the label carefully to follow the instructions. Take Protriptyline orally with/without food. If you tend to miss a dose of Protriptyline, take it as soon as you recollect. If it is nearly the time for the next dose then skip the dose you have missed and get back to normal dosing schedule. Avoid taking 2 doses at a time. Do not take extra doses to make up for the missed doses.

Your doctor can change the dose to ensure best results. Use the medicines as prescribed by your doctor. If you are undergoing a surgery, inform your surgeon in advance that you are using Protriptyline. The surgeon might ask you to stop taking medicine for a few days.

Do not halt the use of Protriptyline suddenly or you can experience unexpected withdrawal symptoms. Check with your doctor to know how to use Protriptyline safely. To see the desired results it can take a couple of weeks so keep taking the medicine and let the doctor know if you think your symptoms are not improving.

Store the medicine away from heat and moisture in a room temperature. In case of overdose call poison control centre or medical help immediately.

Protriptyline over dosage and treatment

Protriptyline over dosage can even lead to death. Multiple drug consumptions are quite common in overdose of antidepressants. The management of overdose is quite challenging and with constant changes taking place in methods used to treat overdose, it is better to seek emergency medical help or call poison control centre to know about the current treatment method. Symptoms and sign of toxicity build faster after the overdose and therefore immediate hospitalization is a must.


Critical indications of Protriptyline over dosage include

  1. hypotension
  2. convulsions
  3. coma (CNS depression)
  4. cardiac dysrhythimias


Immediate ECG is obtained followed by cardiac monitoring. Patient’s airway is secured, establishment of intravenous line and initiating gastric decontamination is conducted. The patient is observed for at least 6 hours with cardiac monitoring to observe the signs of hypotension, cardiac dysrhythimias, seizures etc., and extended monitoring becomes necessary if the signs of toxicity appear at any time during the period of medical supervision.

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