Finding out whether Protriptyline is safe during breastfeeding and pregnancy

Well, there are always discussion going on whether using any antidepressant is safe during breastfeeding and pregnancy or not. Since there is lack of evidence available for so many antidepressants that support the use of medication during breastfeeding or pregnancy, most women find it difficult to know about the real facts. It is better to consult your doctor before you use any antidepressant or if you get pregnant while using antidepressants.

Protriptyline and Pregnancy

Whether the use of Protriptyline during pregnancy is safe or not, is still not known. FDA categorizes the medications as A, B, C, and D and X – to classify the related risks to unborn baby when the medicine is used during pregnancy.

Protriptyline is not yet classified in these categories as there are no evidences available that supports the use of Protriptyline in pregnancy. So it is said that a doctor can determine the benefits and risks linked to use of Protriptyline during pregnancy looking at the current medical condition of a pregnant woman and whether Protriptyline can cause harm to unborn baby.

Protriptyline and breastfeeding

When a woman has to breastfed her baby while taking Protriptyline, she can speak to her doctor if the medication is safe for her baby. Since there are no updated records available for use of Protriptyline during breastfeeding is safe or not, mothers can speak to their doctor to ensure child’s better health.

In case Protriptyline is required by breastfeeding mother, there is actually no reason to discontinue breastfeeding. However, no published data is available to justify the Protriptyline use during breastfeeding. There are no evidences available that help us know if the medication is secreted in breast milk. So consult your doctor for timely guidance.

Women often face depression, sleeping disorders etc., post child’s birth and it becomes necessary for them to take antidepressant to manage depression. Mothers know that while nursing their babies they have to be alert and to fight depression they need something effective. On other hand, some mothers also think about the possible risks of the medications especially when they have to take it for a long term.

Woman who is breastfeeding can also talk to their doctor to help them know about other alternative medications that can fight depression without causing harm to their baby. This will help them breastfed their babies without any hassles. Narcotic medications can always cause some harm to the baby, when used in a long run as the medication passes through breast milk to their body and accumulation of drugs for a long term can affect their health.

If you are using Protriptyline with your doctor’s consent, do not forget to monitor your baby’s health regularly. In case you notice any unusual symptoms, speak to your doctor immediately. Do not ignore the symptoms that are not usual, they might need immediate medical help. You should use medications under proper guidance of your doctor and visit your doctor regularly in case of any doubts or concerns.

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