Knowing about Tramadol in detail

Tramadol is a non narcotic pain reliever. It is normally used to treat mild to severe pain. The generic name of this medication is Tramadol and brand name is Ultram and Conzip. Tramadol is available in extended release form and this form is used as 24 hours treatment method for pain. This form of Tramadol cannot be used for as-needed purpose.

Some Important Information

Avoid taking Tramadol if you have consumed alcohol, tranquilizers, sedatives or narcotic medications couple of hours back. Tramadol can stop or slow breathing, especially whenever the dose is changed or you have started using the medication. Do not break, crush or open a (extended release) pill. Swallow it as whole to avoid fatal complications. Do not use Tramadol in high doses or take it for a prolonged period than prescribed.

Seizures were reported in some people using this medicine. Tramadol can cause seizures especially if you have a history of head injury, seizures, metabolic disorder or in case you are using some medications like muscle relaxers, antidepressants, narcotic drugs or medication for vomiting or nausea.

Tramadol can lead to drug dependency even during regular doses. Take these medications as suggested by your doctor. Do not share the medicine with any other person.

Avoid drinking alcohol as it can lead to harmful effects and even death when Tramadol is combined with alcohol. Tramadol should be taken orally. Do not take this medicine through injection or inhalation as it can result in life threatening side effects or overdose.

Do not take Tramadol if you are allergic to the medication or if you are suffering from

  1. a blockage in intestines or stomach
  2. breathing problems or severe asthma
  3. If you have used sedative, tranquilizers or narcotic drugs recently.

Speak to your doctor regarding seizure, which can increase if you have

  1. metabolic disorder
  2. history of alcohol addiction or drug addiction
  3. history of seizures, epilepsy or head injury
  4. if you are using other medicines to treat nausea, vomiting, mental illness, migraine headaches, muscles spasms etc.,

To know if Tramadol is suitable for you, tell your health care provider if you have

  1. stomach disorder
  2. kidney disease or liver disease
  3. History of mental illness, alcohol addiction, drug abuse or suicide attempt.

Tramadol can lead to breathing problems in elderly people who are malnourished, debilitated or suffer from severe illness.

Is Tramadol Addictive?

Most people think Tramadol is a narcotic like drug and there is no risk of addiction. The fact is that Tramadol can be addictive too because its highly effective for first six months and once an individual gets trapped in process of consuming more to achieve the same level of pain relief, they get addictive to the drug.

It is a misconception that Tramadol being a non narcotic medication is non addictive. Although in case of Tramadol the risk of addiction is quite lower as compared to other narcotic drugs. Again misuse of this drug or taking it in high doses has its own set of complications.

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