Effects of Oxycodone during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Most women during their pregnancy or breastfeeding often ask this question, whether Oxycodone is safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Because Oxycodone is used by many and has a history of regular use, most pregnant women feel it is safe to use oxycodone during pregnancy. Unfortunately, increasing number of scientific evidences say that Oxycodone can cause birth defects.

Oxycodone and pregnancy

The FDA categorize Oxycodone in Category B, which means they claim Oxycodone is safe to use during pregnancy and risks to growing baby are quite less. In reality, the risks associated with Oxycodone use during pregnancy are underestimated and there are still a very few studies that highlight the risk of using Oxycodone during pregnancy. Some studies conducted in past suggested that Oxycodone can increase the risk of baby having cleft lip, heart defects and cleft palate.

Birth defects are quite common these days and the primary cause is use of different medications during pregnancy. Medications lead to greater risk during pregnancy.

Oxycodone intersects the placenta and using Oxycodone can cause respiratory depression in new born baby. New born baby may suffer with serious withdrawal symptoms like hyperactive reflexes, tremor, excessive crying, convulsions, vomiting, yawning, sneezing, diarrhoea and irritability.

Oxycodone and Breastfeeding

Are you frustrated by the constant aches or pain while breastfeeding?  Are you planning to take Oxycodone as a regular medicine, but don’t know if it is safe during breastfeeding. If these questions are bothering you then read on

Oxycodone during nursing causes infant sedation. New born babies are quite sensitive to even low doses of narcotic medications. Besides sedation, taking Oxycodone during pregnancy can lead to many problems in infants. Keep a check on your baby’s health for weight gain, drowsiness and other developmental factors, especially in new born babies.  If you notice problems while breastfeeding, increased sleepiness, limpness, breathing problems, contact your paediatrician immediately.

If possible look for an alternative method of pain treatment to avoid the side effects of oxycodone in your baby. You can speak to your doctor to advise you other pain relief options that won’t affect the health of your baby.

If you feel it is essential to take oxycodone then 30mg of maximum dose of oxycodone per day is a perfect dose while breastfeeding. If you forget to take a dose, then do not take the missed dose as taking extra dose can lead to complications.

The common side effects of oxycodone while breastfeeding are

  1. chills
  2. loss of stamina
  3. problems in passing stools
  4. drowsiness
  5. calm and relaxed feeling

Some rare oxycodone side effects seen during breastfeeding are

  1. cold sweats
  2. twitching
  3. chest tightness
  4. fever
  5. breathing problems
  6. stomach or abdominal pain
  7. dizziness
  8. decreased volume of urination
  9. problems while swallowing

You should tell your doctor that you are a lactating mother before he prescribes you any narcotic medicine. This will help your doctor judge if the medicine is safe for you and what are the right doses that you can take so that your baby’s health is not affected.

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