Hydromorphone drug interactions elaborated

While taking Hydromorphone, you should speak to your doctor about drug interactions related to Hydromorphone. Knowing about various drug interactions can help you to be alert for any unusual side effects that you may experience because of drug interactions. This article will help you know the Hydromorphone drug interactions.

Hydromorphone with CNS depressants

Using CNS depressants like general anesthetics, tranquilizers, phenothiazines and alcohol parallel with opioids can lead to added depressant effects. Hypertension, respiratory depression, coma or profound sedation can occur. When the combination of medications is observed, the dose of one or other medication needs to be reduced. Hydromorphone tablets should not be taken with alcohol. Hydromorphone can increase the neuromuscular blocking action and create high level of respiratory depression.

Hydromorphone with Mixed Antagonist/Agonist opioid analgesics

Antagonist analegesic/Agonist like butorphanol, nalbuphine, buprenophine, pentazocine should be examined with caution to the patient who is receiving or has received a session of therapy using pure opioid agonist anlegesic like hydromorphone. In such instances mixed antagonist analgesic/agonist can decrease the hydromorphone effect or lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Hydromorphone oral – artemether-lumefantrine (oral)

Hydromorphone oral can enhance the effect of artemether-lumefantrine(oral) by changing drug metabolism

Hydromorphone oral- selegiline hcl (oral)

Hydromorphone oral can enhance the toxicity of selegiline hcl (oral) through unknown mechanism. There should be a gap of 14 days between halting the use of MAO inhibiting medication and beginning Hydromorphone.

Hydromorphone- Tramadol

Check with your doctor before you use the combination of Hydromorphone and tramadol. Taking these medications together can enhance the risk of breathing problems, seizures and other serious side effects. If your health care provider prescribes the combination of these two medicines, you might need dose adjustments or certain special tests in order to use both medications safely. Speak to your doctor, if you have tremors, seizures, shallow breathing, speech problems, problems with walking or balance. Avoid driving till the time you know how the medication works for you. Also let your doctor know about any other medication you use including herbs and vitamins.

Hydromorphone- Lorazepam

Using Hydromorphone and lorazepam together can enhance the side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, confusion and difficulty in concentrating. Some elderly people also experience impairment in judgment, thinking and motor coordination. Try to avoid consuming alcohol or limit the use of alcohol when you are on these medications. Do not engage yourself in activities that  need extra alertness such as driving.  In case you have any questions, speak to your doctor  and also let him know about all other medications you are using currently.

Taking two medications together does not necessarily or always mean that you should discontinue taking either of them. Speak to your  health care provider so that the drug interactions are managed well by him. Apart from drugs some other things that can interact with the drug are caffeine, nicotine (through cigarettes), street drugs or supplements that you use for various purposes. Let your physician know about these medications as they can also affect how Hydromorphone works for you. You need to follow doctor’s instructions in order to use the drugs safely.

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