Some important facts to be considered about Voltaren

Voltaren is a NSAID that helps eliminating the substances in our body, that cause inflammation and pain. Voltaren is basically used to treat pain (mild to severe) and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Generic name: Diclofenac sodium

Brand Name: Voltaren and Voltaren-XR

One should avoid using Voltaren if they are allergic to aspirin or any other NSAID. Voltaren can lead to intestinal and bleeding and stomach bleeding, which can be life threatening too. These conditions can occur unexpectedly when using Voltaren, especially in elderly people.

If you are using Voltaren for a long term or taking high doses of Voltaren, there can be risks of heart stroke or heart attack. Even people not having any heart disease can get a heart attack or stroke while using this medication.

Also avoid using Voltaren before and after heart surgery (bypass). Avoid using Voltaren if you had experienced asthma attack or you are allergic to aspirin.

To know whether Voltaren is safe for you or not, tell your doctor if you have the following health ailments

  • Asthma
  • High Bp, high, cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes or you have smoking habit
  • Fluid retention
  • History of stomach bleeding or stomach ulcers.
  • History of blood clot or heart stroke, heart attack

If you are using Voltaren for a long term, your doctor might advise you certain medical tests frequently.

Store the medicine away from heat and moisture at a room temperature. Gently close the bottle when you are not using the medicine.

Read the instructions given on the label carefully before you use Voltaren. Do not drink alcohol while taking Voltaren. Talk to your doctor if you are using any other medications for allergy, cold or pain as these medicines can interact with Voltaren.

Voltaren is supplied in form of tablets- enteric coated. Tablets of 75 mg are available in light pink color for oral consumption.

Is Voltaren addictive?

Voltaren can be addictive for some people, and due to this it becomes necessary for your doctor to monitor you frequently to check the drug usage that he has prescribed you. Since the drug is used for short term as well as long term, make sure you get yourself checked regularly and seek medical advice from your doctor.

If you are worried about addiction, discuss with your doctor to check if he can prescribe any other medication instead of Voltaren that gives the same effects. Your doctor knows your medical condition well and he can help you choose the right alternative medicine or adjust the dose of Voltaren so that you don’t get addicted to the drug. Taking Voltaren in low doses can also help reduce the chances of addiction.

Some people use NSAIDs for treating physical pain as well as emotional pain and unknowingly get addicted to the drug, which is harmful. So make sure you get maximum benefits and avoid risks like drug dependency.

Always consult your doctor before changing your dose. Do not stop taking Voltaren suddenly as it can cause problems too.

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