How does Voltaren effects pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy or breastfeeding a woman is worried about her health as well as health of her baby. While breastfeeding or during pregnancy a woman is conscious about what she eats, the medicines she takes as she knows it is directly or indirectly going to affect her baby. She needs to be extra conscious during these phases of her life.. Using NSAIDs during pregnancy or breastfeeding is bit tricky as some drugs are safe and others are not. It is always better to know about the drug you are using and its benefits and risks to you and your baby. This article will help you understand the effects of voltaren during breastfeeding and pregnancy

Pregnancy and Voltaren

Using voltaren during pregnancy is not advised until and unless your physician has prescribed you, especially during  30 weeks or more than 30 weeks of pregnancy. Doctors often prescribe voltaren for some women before thirty weeks of pregnancy. In normal cases paracetamol is prescribed to control pain and if paracetamol isn’t effective in controlling pain, it is better to speak to your doctor before you take any NSAID or voltaren. Voltaren available in gel form is also not recommended in pregnant women to treat pain as it can enter your bloodstream.

There is no scientific evidence that taking voltaren before thirty weeks of pregnancy can be harmful for your baby. So if you have already taken voltaren, speak to your doctor if you still need the medication or if low doses of voltaren can work for you well.

Can voltaren lead to miscarriage?

It is still not known whether taking voltaren in initial stages of pregnancy can lead to miscarriage. However, women who use voltaren are at high risk of miscarriage than those who do not use voltaren during pregnancy. However,  women suffering from certain medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, need voltaren or other NSAID during pregnancy. These health ailments itself increase the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women.  More research is still required to understand whether the miscarriage can happen as result of using voltaren.

Can use of voltaren cause birth defects in unborn baby?

A baby’s body and internal organs are developed during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. It is crucial period when certain medicines cause birth defects.

Breastfeeding and Voltaren

It is still not known whether taking voltaren during breastfeeding can harm your baby. But it is better to avoid use of voltaren in high doses. Take voltaren occasionally and to minimize the effects of this drug, take medicine after breastfeeding your baby.

No data is still available that explains the secretion of voltaren in breast milk. As we know that medicines do affect us in many ways and lactating mothers know that some portion of drug can pass through breast milk to their babies. Using voltaren for a long term during breastfeeding will affect your baby in some or the other way as exposure to voltaren will leave some side effects.

Avoid using voltaren or if necessary consult your doctor to check if low doses can work for you or your doctor can suggest you some other alternative medicine.

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