How Naproxen affects Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

For nursing mothers or pregnant women, taking NSAIDs sometimes becomes necessary and to know whether using the NSAID is safe or not, it is always better to consult your doctor.

Is Naproxen safe during pregnancy?

Naproxen is not recommended after thirty weeks of pregnancy. In some women, naproxen is prescribed before thirty weeks of their pregnancy due to some health ailments. In most cases doctors prescribe use of Paracetamol for pregnant women to control pain. Check with your doctor before using any NSAID during pregnancy. Your doctor can judge whether the drug is suitable for you and your child.

In case you had already taken naproxen before thirty weeks of pregnancy, no need to worry as there are no scientific evidences available that say, use of naproxen before 30 weeks of your pregnancy can harm the baby inside your womb.

However, if you had taken Naproxen, then it is better to speak to your doctor to discuss whether you can continue taking the medication or use low doses that works well for you.

Can Naproxen cause miscarriage?

It is not known whether use of naproxen in initial phases of pregnancy can lead to miscarriage as there are no studies available to support this.

Some studies say that women taking naproxen during pregnancy are at higher risk of miscarriage than the women who don’t use naproxen during pregnancy.

There are no evidences available to prove that using naproxen during early phases of pregnancy can cause birth defects. It is believed that women using naproxen during first trimester of pregnancy are at a risk of having babies having birth defects than women who don’t use naproxen.

Is Naproxen safe during breastfeeding?

Naproxen when used for a short term is believed to be safe for nursing mothers. However, there is always a small risk associated with consumption of drugs while breastfeeding.

Naproxen is safe during breastfeeding as low amount of drug gets transferred to breast milk. Research supporting the safety of naproxen use during breastfeeding is still inadequate.

If you are lactating mother, make sure you take occasional pill in case you experience a headache and thus naproxen becomes safe for you.

If you use naproxen for a long term while breastfeeding, it can be harmful to your baby as some compounds through pills may secrete and accumulate in your baby’s body. Some of the side effects of naproxen while breastfeeding are

  • Hives
  • heartburn
  • dizziness
  • water retention
  • diarrhea
  • excessive thirst
  • confusion
  • indigestion
  • appetite loss
  • constipation
  • hearing troubles
  • headache
  • excessive fatigue
  • vision problems

To prevent the effect of naproxen to your baby, you can breastfeed your baby before taking the medicine and you can take the medicine immediately after you breastfeed your baby. This can minimize the effect of naproxen in your baby. If you see any symptoms in your baby that you suspect can be as a result of naproxen, immediately consult your doctor to avoid complications.

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