Warnings of Valium during Pregnancy

The Physicians are optimistic to register the patients prior to fetal outcome that is well known such as ultrasound and results of amniocentesis into AED as Antiepileptic Drug, Pregnancy Registry. It is the most ongoing study at Hospital of Massachusetts General and Harvard Medical School. The study is well designed to the monitor entire outcomes of the pregnant women that are exposed to the antiepileptic drugs to identify the therapies that are well associated with the enhanced risk.

Diazepam or Valium has been well assigned to the category of pregnancy D by FDA. However, it also has been recommended that there is always an augmented risk of the congenital malformations as well as other abnormalities developmental that are associated with use of the benzodiazepine drugs.

Associated risk of Valium during Pregnancy

There might be non-teratogenic risks that are associated with using of benzodiazepines during pregnancy. However, there are some reports of the neonatal floppiness, respiratory issues and feeding difficulties, along with hypothermia in kinds born to mothers that are receiving benzodiazepines much late in pregnancy. Kids born to the mothers taking benzodiazepines at a regular interval late in their pregnancy might also be at risk to experience the withdrawal symptoms in postnatal time.

Diazepam also has shown to bring teratogenic in the animal studies at about eight times as compared to maximum suggested dose for human. The manufacturer suggests that using diazepam in the women having the childbearing probability, and particularly during the identified pregnancy, should be well regarded when clinical situation warrants risk to fetus.

Fetus and new born baby

When diazepam is well used during the pregnancy, and if patient gets pregnant while consuming this drug, patient also should get apprised of possible hazard to fetus. Moreover, Patients should even be well advised if they get pregnant during the therapy and plan to become pregnant so they should also communicate with the physician about appeal to discontinue the drug. Much Special care must be taken while diazepam is being used during delivery and labor, because high quantity of single doses might produce the irregularities in heart rate of fetal and hypotonia, hypothermia, respiratory depression and poor sucking in neonate. With the newborn infants, enzyme system concerned in breakdown of this drug is not fully developed, particularly in the premature infants.

Withdrawal Symptom in Mothers of new born baby

The withdrawal symptoms in mothers of infants who are exposed with benzodiazepines at the time of their pregnancy are perfectly well documented. However, Neonatal withdrawal most likely happens when mothers take chronic doses of valium near their high pregnancy term or at the time of delivery. Symptoms consist of hypotonia, impaired temperature regulation, respiratory distress, irritability and hyperactivity. Withdrawal Signs were happening at birth and appeared many weeks later and well continued for quite long time period.

Diazepam may be well substituted for short acting valium during detoxification to stabilize the fluctuating levels of blood. If abstinence can’t get reached through the outpatient or through the inpatient regimens, the pregnant lady should be given least possible benzodiazepines dose.

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