Treat your Anxiety Disorder with Valium

Valium popularly known as diazepam is benzodiazepine. Diazepam affects the chemicals in brain which get unbalanced in people having anxiety. Anxiety disorders, muscle spasms and alcohol withdraws can be well treated with Valium. At times, it is also used with various medications for treating seizures.

When now to use Valium?

You shouldn’t use Valium when you have allergy to diazepam and other similar salt medicines such as Ativan, Restoril, Klonopin, Xanax and few others. You should also not take Valium when you have severe disease of liver, myasthenia gravis, narrow-angle glaucoma, breathing problem and sleep apnea.

A Guide of Healthcare Professional – Management of Chronic Pain:

Before taking Valium, you should tell your doctor about your health problem and diseases such as breathing problem or asthma, glaucoma, kidney disorder or liver disease, seizures, alcohol or drug addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts and mental illness.

You should not stop and start taking the medicine Valium at the time of pregnancy without the advice of doctor. Diazepam cause harm to the unborn baby, but with seizure during pregnancy you may harm both baby and the mother. So, it is important to tell your doctor about your pregnancy when taking diazepam.

Is Valium addictive?

Valium is not truly addictive but it is habit-forming. Though, misuse of the medicine that is habit-forming may cause overdose, addiction and in severe condition even death. This medicine should not be given to a child smaller than 6 months.

To ensure Valium is perfectly safe for you, always tell your doctor in case you suffer from below mentioned health problems:

  • Glaucoma;
  • Breathing problem or asthma, bronchitis, emphysema,
  • COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder
  • Liver Disease and kidney disorder
  • Seizure disorder or epilepsy
  • Any history of depression, mental illness
  • Any history of alcohol addiction and drug addiction.

While treating seizures, you should not start taking or stop taking Diazepam when you are pregnant without the advice of your doctor. Valium can lead to harm to your unborn baby and to the mother as well. So, tell your doctor that you now become pregnant when taking Diazepam for seizures.

Pregnancy and Valium

However, while treating alcohol withdrawal, muscle spasms and anxiety, if you will take Valium during your pregnancy so your baby could also get addicted to drug. It may lead to withdrawal symptoms that are life-threatening in baby after it’s born. Babies are born dependent and they might also need habit-forming medicine and other medical treatment regularly. If you are taking this medicine you should tell doctor about your family plans.

Breastfeeding and Valium

Diazepam can easily pass into the breast milk and while feeding it may harm your nursing baby. So, you should never breast-feed your baby while taking this medicine. Valium is also not allowed to be used by kids younger than 6 months. Also, you should never give this medicine without advice of doctor.

Adults and Valium

The tranquilizing effects of Valium might last for long time in adults. However, accidental falls are much common in patients who are taking benzodiazepines.

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