Take proper Dosage of Valium for effective results

Dosage of valium should be customized as per the need of individual person for optimum beneficial effect. Though the common daily dosages will meet the requirements of mainly all patients, there are some who might also require higher quantity of doses. In these cases dosage must be augmented cautiously for avoiding any adverse effects of using the medicine.

It is always suggested that you should take Valium precisely as prescribed by the doctor. You should follow all the specific directions on the prescription label. Though, your doctor may change your medicine dosage occasionally to ensure you get best results, but you should not take the medicine in smaller amounts or larger amounts for longer period than recommended.

Measure your medicine before taking

You should Measure the liquid medicine with help of dosing syringe that is provided along with medicine or with help of special spoon or cup for dose-measuring. You can also ask your pharmacist when you do not have any device of dose-measuring device.

Valium should also be used for quite short time and you should not take the medicine for more than 4 months devoid of any advice of doctor. The medicine should be stored at room temperature far away from heat, moisture and light. Once you have stopped the using the medicine and flush the unused pills.

Do you want to stop its use?

It is also important that you should not stop using Valium abruptly, or you can have high seizures and unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. You should check with your doctor how you can safely stop the use of diazepam.

Change in Dose

You should call your doctor immediately if you believe that the medicine is not rightly working as before, or if you observed that you need more dose as the usual one. While you are using Valium, your doctor might suggest you frequent blood tests to ensure there is no side effect on your body. Keep a proper track of the quantity of medicine used. Valium is the well known drug of abuse so you should be well aware if any person is using the medicine inappropriately or without the prescription of a doctor.

What happens when I miss the regular dose?

Nothing to worry, you can take the missed dose at the earliest when you remember. You can also skip the missed dose when it is the time for next scheduled dose. Also, you should not take any extra medicine for making up missed dose.

Is there any side effect of overdose?

You should look for emergency medical care and attention. An overdose of Valium may be fatal. Some of the quick symptoms of Overdose are extreme drowsiness, weakness in limp and muscle, fainting, loss of coordination and balance.

What are the things that I should avoid when taking Valium?

Do not drink alcohol, grapefruit or grapefruit juice that may interact with valium and cause unwanted side effects. You should discuss the grapefruit products and it’s with your doctor.

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