What is Flexeril and how it works?

Flexeril is a popular muscle relaxant. It blocks the pain sensations that are transmitted to the brain. In case of skeletal muscle injury or pain Flexeril is taken along with physical therapy and proper rest.

Some important information about Flexeril

Avoid taking Flexeril if you have tried MAO inhibitor like phenelzine, tranylcypromine, selegiline etc., within last 14 days. Some serious and life-threatening side effects can be seen if you use Flexeril before MAO inhibitor gets removed from your body.

Also you should avoid using Flexeril if you had a heart attack recently, or you are suffering from heart rhythm problem, heart block, overactive thyroid or heart failure.

Flexeril can also affect your thinking ability and reactions. You need to be very careful while driving or engaging in activities that need extra alertness. Also do not drink alcohol as this can lead to some unwanted side effects.

How to use Flexeril?

Use this medication exactly as your doctor has prescribed you. Do not consume Flexeril in excess or use it for a long term than advised by your doctor. Read and follow the instructions given on label carefully.

Flexeril is just a part of a treatment program that may comprise of other measures for pain relief, rest, physical therapy etc.

Always store Flexeril away from light, heat and moisture in a room temperature.

Flexeril causes sleepiness and if you are using other medicines like allergy or cold medicines, sleeping pills, narcotic medicines for pain, medicines for seizures, anxiety or depression can increase sleepiness that occurs as a result of consuming Flexeril. Let your doctor know if you are using other medicines regularly and also if you using other muscle relaxer.

Always speak to your doctor before you start or stop taking Flexeril. If you are allergic to the drug, get your emergency help if you see any signs of allergic reactions. In case you are suffering from heart rhythm problems, overactive thyroid or heart block, do not use Flexeril and you should discuss about the allergies so that doctor can help you adjust the dose accordingly. Your doctor might suggest you some special tests as well. Older people are quite sensitive to Flexeril.

Take the medicine with a glass of water. Follow the instructions given by your doctor to avoid serious side effects. If you notice any signs of overdose, immediately consult your doctor as it can be life threatening too.

There are many drugs that can interact with Flexeril, so talk to your doctor and inform him about all other medicines that you are taking apart from Flexeril. Let your doctor know even if you are using minerals, vitamins, herbal products and other drugs, which are prescribed by any other doctor. Also do not start taking any medicine without informing your doctor.

Flexeril can help you in many ways, but you need to be aware of the side effects and other restrictions that come with Flexeril. Your doctor can help you use Flexeril safely.

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