Treatment methods for overdose of Flexeril

Flexeril is well known muscle relaxant that has its own benefits, but you need to know the right dosage of Flexeril in order to avoid serious side effects. You should use Flexeril as prescribed and get maximum benefit from your drug. When your doctor recommends a particular dose of Flexeril that means he knows what your body needs and the how the drug works. So do not try to change the dose or stop taking Flexeril suddenly without consulting your doctor.

Dosage Information

For most people the dose of Flexeril that is recommended is

5 mg – 3 times a day

Based on patient’s response to the drug the dose can be increased to 10mg – 3 times a day. It is not recommended to use Flexeril for more than 2-3 weeks. For elderly and hepatically impaired patients, less frequent dose of Flexeril is recommended.

Overdose of Flexeril and its treatment

Although the death cases related to over dosage of Flexeril are rare, there are certain precautions that one needs to take while using Flexeril.  It is recommended that a physician should contact centre for poison control to manage the over dose of Flexeril as managing overdose of drug is quite complicated.

Symptoms and signs of toxicity can develop faster after overdose of Flexeril; therefore hospitalization is important so that the patient is monitored constantly. It is always better to get and ECG done and start cardiac monitoring. It is recommended that patient’s airway needs to be protected, initiate gastric detoxification and set up intravenous line. Observation for respiratory depression, CNS, hypotension, seizures or conduction blocks is quite necessary.

If the indications of toxicity still persist, it is important to extend the period of monitoring. All patients who suffer from overdose of Flexeril should be treated for gastrointestinal detoxification.  This is basically carried out by cleaning the gastric lavage.

In case of CNS depression patients are treated with intubation. Seizures need to be controlled using benzodiazepines and in case these don’t work, anticonvulsants can also be used to help the patient recover faster.

In some cases the overdose can also lead to suicide cases, where patient may try to commit suicide. In such cases psychiatric referral is the ideal option to help patient recover from depression and suicidal thoughts.

In case of overdose of Flexeril in children, the management principles remain the same and physicians are recommended to call poison control help centre for a particular pediatric treatment.

In case of overdose the symptoms can vary, but there are treatment methods that can save patient’s life if the patient is treated in time. Do not delay in seeking medical help if you notice the problems related to overdose. If the overdose problems are left untreated, they can result in death too.

Proper monitoring and following overdose management principles can help the patient overcome the serious effects of overdose. Make sure that you avoid overdose of Flexeril as it can be life threatening. Continue with recommended dose and do not exceed the dosage limits.

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