Is Flexeril safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Flexeril is a common prescription drug that helps in relieving muscle pain. It is basically a course (short-term) for muscle sprains. Let us understand if Flexeril is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Flexeril and Pregnancy

Backache and muscle strain is a common problem reported by a lot of women during pregnancy. Many drugs are quite safe for pregnant woman or fetus. You should speak to your doctor before taking Flexeril during pregnancy. Your doctor can tell you if Flexeril is safe for you to use during your pregnancy. As there are no harmful effects seen in pregnant women due to Flexeril use, women can use Flexeril with doctor’s advice. Taking Flexeril for long term during pregnancy can increase the chances of complications, so it is recommended that do not take excess of Flexeril and try to take Flexeril only when required.

Even FDA has approved Flexeril safe to be used during pregnancy and it doesn’t harm the unborn baby.

Flexeril and Breastfeeding

Muscle pain or injuries are quite common and you may encounter muscle strains or pains while breastfeeding your baby. There are some side effects associated with consumption of Flexeril during breastfeeding. Let us understand about some of the side effect as listed below

  1. Skin rashes
  2. Chest rightness or breathing problems
  3. Dizziness
  4. Constipation
  5. Puffiness around your eyes
  6. Dry mouth
  7. Irregular breathing
  8. Upset stomach
  9. Swelling of face, lips and tongue.

You can take some precautions while using Flexeril during breastfeeding

Flexeril will increase the side effects of medications that are CNS depressants. These drugs lead to drowsiness and suppress the central nervous system. If you are taking any other medicines for sleeping, allergies, cold, seizures, painkillers, then use Flexeril with extra caution.

The same cautions apply when you take anesthesia in different forms during your dental procedures or other medications to relax injured or tired muscles.

As a mother, you need to take good care of your baby and thus need to be extra careful while using Flexeril. Since Flexeril causes drowsiness and suppression of nervous system, you can stop using Flexeril if it interferes with care of your baby. Again while driving you need to be alert, as Flexeril causes drowsiness and there are chances that accidents might happen, which can be dangerous for you and your baby.

The use of Flexeril results in dry mouth. For temporary solutions you can use sugarless candy, ice cubes etc., and if these solutions don’t work, try to increase the intake of water.  If still the problem continues, contact your doctor to find a permanent solution.

It is important to know that pregnancy is the most important phase in your life, so usage of any drugs or medications shouldn’t be taken without doctor’s advice. Nursing mothers need to be extra careful because they need to be cautious while taking care of baby. So, both nursing mothers and pregnant women should use Flexeril with doctor’s consultation only.

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