Muscle Relaxants are useful in many ways

A drug which reduces muscle tone by working on skeletal muscle is called as muscle relaxant. It obstructs nerve impulses transmission to reduce the contractility of muscles. In simple words the drug provides relief and relaxation in case of muscle tension.

Muscles relaxants are categorized as

Neuromuscular blockers

They restrain with neuromuscular end plate transmission. These kinds of muscle relaxants are free of CNS activity. They are basically used for surgical procedures and in intensive care units. They are used as emerging medicine in case of paralysis.


They are also known as centrally acting muscles as it reduces spasticity in cases of neurological conditions. It acts at spinal cord, brain stem, cortex                and also in all three regions and therefore they are known as relaxants that act centrally. They are also called as antispasmodic and are used for neck pain, back pain and headaches which are associated to tension.

The factors that are considered while selecting muscle relaxants are tolerance, efficacy, side effects and its cost. Negative effects are something to worry about muscle relaxants. These effects comprise of dizziness, drowsiness and other effects on your body.  Such drugs are recommended depending upon its cost which is not a major concern, tolerability and efficiency that people look for the most

Dantrolene is basically used for treating neurological conditions like cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. Muscle contraction which is rapid is quite sensitive as compared to muscle contractions which happen gradually. Dantrolene can lead to effects like sedation, muscle weakness, hepatitis etc.

Muscle relaxants are normally used to treat muscle problems that are acute in nature and sometimes also used along with other treatments given for chronic pain like muscle spasms that are quite painful.

Muscle relaxants are used to decrease muscle tone and relax tense muscle and tighten them. Some of these medications affect muscle fibers directly while others affect both muscles and nerves.

Valium and Benzodiazepines can help relieve the condition called muscle spasms and stopping its action at spinal cord. Using Valium and Benzodiazepines in long run can cause serious problems like dependence, sleeping problems and withdrawal.

Zanaflex or Tizanidine decrease spasticity at spinal cord level and is used for treating multiple sclerosis and injuries related to spinal cord. It also has additional properties of relieving pain and is helpful in treating conditions of chronic pain too.

Muscle relaxants in some cases are also prescribed for treating back pain and fibromyalgia symptoms as it is believed that it will help relieve tense muscle pain and also muscle spasms which are quite common in fibromyalgia.

Many muscoskeletal conditions are treated using skeletal muscle relaxants. They are used in cases of acute pain. Skeletal muscle relaxants are used to treat conditions like neck pain, low back pain, tension headaches, myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia. The objective of treatment is to manage muscle pain and improve the functions of muscles so that the patient can get back to work and perform normal activities easily. This helps a lot in patients who have been restricted to their home due to muscoskeletal problems.

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