Getting rid of acne through alternative and natural treatments

If you are still having acne after trying so many treatment methods that you might had bought from local retailer, then you can go through some natural and alternative ways to treat acne. Even if you had taken medicines through a prescription that you got from your physician, you can still try these alternative options that can help you fight acne

Acne is a skin condition and everyone has skin problems and different skin types. You can choose from some alternative methods that can work well for you. Some treatments may lead to skin irritation and lead to more skin problems, so you need to find the right one for you.

The most common acne treatments include using Tea Tree Oil. The oil is diluted form of oil and can be applied externally just like a topical agent directly to the affected area on your skin. Tea Tree Oil consists of antibacterial agent the helps fight the bacteria which leads to Propionbacterium acnes.

Zinc is another alternative treatment to treat acne. It is proven to be effective to some extent to fight acne. In some cases antibacterial treatment turns out to be quite effective as zinc cannot be a best option when you feel like there are chances of scarring.

Using zinc can also lead to side effects so before using zinc talk to your doctor.

Some other treatment include aloe Vera, herbal treatment, colloidal silver etc., many other natural agents are linked to fight acne. There are many acne treatments available and if you trying them make sure you do not use them if you feel irritation or burning sensation else it can lead to other skin problems and it can also aggravate acne problem.

Brewer’s yeast is a particular strain derived from brewer’s yeast and helps in decreasing acne and it is taken orally. It may result in flatulence. Green tea extract is a lotion made from two per cent of extract from green tea and it helps treating acne which is mild to moderate and severe as well.

Among all other alternative treatments food and nutrition is equally important like chocolates and fats is the common reason for starting of acne whereas foods rich in carotene like pumpkin, orange, carrots are effective in improving the acne condition. Vitamin C, B, E, A are essential for improving the texture of our skin and skin tone as well. Therapists also advise the supplements of vitamins as part of acne treatment. Also having fresh juice can help reduce acne issues.

Adding cod liver oil (fermented) to your diet can help with acne problems. Raw honey when used as a supplement for gentle mask or face wash a couple of times per week can also help. Using oil cleansing method before going to bed on during shower every day can also help a lot.

Again keeping your skin clean is must as it helps eliminate the dust and dirt that causes bacteria to develop on our skin so try to keep your skin clean.

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