5 Homemade Natural conditioners for healthy hair

There are many products for hair care in the market and they claim to give us healthy hair, but they are based on chemicals and they can harm your hair if used in long run. Instead of trying chemical based hair products you can switch to natural hair care products or even make some best hair conditioners at home to get healthy hair and they work for all types of hair problems like split ends, hair fall, dandruff, frizzy hair, greasy or dull hair etc.,

Let us learn to about 5 best hair conditioners that can be made at home and can help you get rid of hair problems

Olive oil, banana, honey – Deep conditioner

This is one of the best and amazing natural conditioner for smooth and soft hair and also good for those who want to straighten hair. We are aware of advantages of olive oil for hair and body. Banana helps reduce shrinkage and olive oil gets absorbed deep into your hair to supply moisturizer to hair. You can use this remedy once in a week to get best results.

Honey conditioner and Coconut oil

Coconut oil proves to be the best remedy for helping your grey hair turn to black in a natural way. You can easily make this conditioner at home especially for dry hair. Honey moisturizes the strands of hair that are rough and coconut oil helps in recovery of keratin loss. It helps  strengthening you hair right from root to the tip.

Honey, Cinnamon and Milk conditioner

This natural treatment helps restore skin and hair moisture. The natural conditioner is high in milk protein like casein with whey that gives volume gloss and moisture to your hair. Cinnamon is very effective in improving blood circulation to your scalp as well as roots, which makes your hair healthy and strong. The blend of honey and milk protein is an ideal conditioner for your frizzy hair.

Vitamin E (oil) and Shea butter conditioner

A lot range of skin care products comprise of this popular ingredient that is shea butter as it has hydrating and nourishing properties. Shea butter is perfect for those having split ends hair problem. It also improves the thickness and volume of hair. You can try this remedy once in a month to see results.

Aloe Vera Gel and Sesame Oil Conditioner

There are numerous benefits of sesame oil, when it comes to health, but it is popular for its infection fighting properties. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and thus it is one of the popular ingredient used for curing scalp infections, scalp fungus, itchiness, dandruff etc., Pure gel of Aloe vera helps cooling and soothing your scalp and reduces inflammation. You can try this remedy once in a week.

You can try these natural conditioners and get the natural benefits of the ingredients used in these conditioners and it will surely help you maintain healthy hair putting an end to all your hair problems.

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